What’s Dropbox?

I am actually using Dropbox on a daily basis. My latest project is always on the Dropbox folder so that it is backed up on the “cloud”, and I can access it on any computers including my iPhone and iPad.

My co-authors Mandy Hiew and K.C.Chong referred Dropbox to me and now I am referring it to you. I guess this is the first tool I publicly recommended in 2012. Have fun with it!

Why I like Dropbox so much?

– It gives me the peace of mind that my current projects (including some new books manuscripts) are always saved and have a clone copy in all my PC, Mac and on the Internet.
– It is so convenient to share files with partners
– It has a Dropbox folder in all my computers. If I make a change using my Windows PC, it is automatically backed up and I can then access the latest file from my MacBook Pro later. It all just happens automatically.
– The best thing is you never know that it is running. It just works.

I think you will like Dropbox too. Trust me.


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    • kampunginvestor

      Will surely try it out later. Sounds interesting as backup has always been my major issue when I am on a project. Thanks KC Lau for the share. Cheers mate!

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