Are you looking for the best credit card? or the most suitable credit card for your spending habit?
I just found this site which listed all the available credit cards in Malaysia:
I browsed the website and I think it is incredible. All the credit card listed are up to date and they even include the credit card I am using. I previously wrote about how I got high rebate by using credit cards.

search credit card at iMoney
iMoney Credit Card Search


Learn how credit cards help you manage your personal finance better.

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    • kclau

      Hi Ipohfly,
      Thanks for your concern about the ads. It might somehow be irritating. However, those are all the sources of income for this blog, which pay for the hosting and keep the blog survives. If I took it down now, it had to be put back sooner or later. When you had used to it after some times, I guess you will be immune.
      See you around 🙂

    • ipohfly

      There are simply too much ads on your blog that it kinda irritates my reading experience. Have to take care of ur blog’s interface man.

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