Expert publisher on Squidoo, Roy Yap shared about how you can promote your articles. Watch the video here:

Squidoo doesn’t really promote their Lenses except for having “Featured Lenses” on their home page. If you’re lucky enough to be featured, you would get significant traffic from the home page because that’s the first page visitors to Squidoo will see. Other than that, you will need to do your own promotion.

If you write a great Lens, with great content, but no one sees it, then there’s actually no point to it. The whole idea is to create more traffic. With traffic you get more click-thrus. Click-thrus, in this case, are people clicking on your Amazon link, clicking on your eBay link, which will then possibly create sales for you. In the end, that is how you make money.

One of the easiest methods I personally use to promote my Lenses is through the Squidoo forums. If you go in to the “Dashboard,” under the “Help and Tips” there’s a link that says “Squidoo Forum.” There are two forums where you can post your links: The first one is called “Show and Tell.” Basically, it’s just a simple forum for everyone to share their Lenses. So, if you put your link there, no one will accuse you of spamming.

You would see a lot of people sharing “Top Lenses,” etc, and you can post it in any of the forum topics. It’s very popular – already up to twenty pages long, so there is quite a high traffic. People come and visit, and they see your link, then they may visit your Lens.

Once you sign up with Squidoo you can also post in the forum. Also, you can also have a “forum signature” where you can also place your link. Any post you make will have the links to your lenses in your signature.

Although those methods generate a little bit of traffic for your Lenses, at the end of the day, you won’t make a lot of sales because Lens Masters usually don’t buy from other Lens Masters’ Lenses. That means if I visit another Squidoo Lens, chances are I won’t actually buy from them. The ones who actually buy are the organic traffic that comes from search engines.

Let’s say for example, somebody wants to look for photobox. They search on Google, find it, read the article, and read the review. They say, “Ah, yeah. This is something that I need.” Those are the people who buy. But, if I’m visiting the forum and I see that this person just posted a new Lens and click on it. I’m not actually looking for the photobox. I just happened to see your link, so chances are I won’t be buying. I’m not a customer. So, yes, the Squidoo forums can help in creating traffic, but not really in making sales.

So, for sales you can hit on your social media, if you have a lot of Facebook friends and Twitter friends. Another social media site that I found which is quite new but quite useful is a site called Pinterest.

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