Did you join Squidoo? I would urge you not to miss the bus. It is heading to your financial freedom if you ride on it wisely. I received the newsletter from SquidU Review Editor and it is so informative that I can’t stop myself to compile the best tips here about how to use Squidoo lenses eBay module to sell your item at eBay. If you are not yet an eBay seller, refer my previous article about how and why you should be an eBay seller. If you are already a successful eBay seller, that’s great! This article will push you up another level I promise.

For a complete read about getting FREE traffic to your eBay listing, you can download the ebook here which is 52 pages long. If you want an easier and faster route, just read my summary below.

Squidoo + eBay? How does it work??

1. Set up your eBay store or auctions

2. Set up a free lens at Squidoo. It takes about 5.22 minutes. Include this in your lens:

  • highlight your bestselling products
  • introduce yourself to potential customers
  • preach why they should buy from you
  • testimonial from satisfied customers ( you probably got many good feedbacks. Use them!)

3. Connect the sites: eBay to Squidoo lens, Squidoo lens to eBay auction. You are instantly exposed to 5 million unique visitors per month!

4. Use social bookmarking links to further promote your lens: StumbleUpon, Flickr, Facebook, del.icio.us.

10 Reasons You should use Squidoo to sell more at Ebay
by Randy Smythe

1. Squidoo is FREE
2. Squidoo Lenses are easy to create
3. Squidoo is all about community
4. Squidoo helps you become the expert
5. Squidoo helps you share your passion
6. Squidoo lets you creates as many lenses as you need (or Want!)
7. Squidoo provides yet another link to your products
8. Squidoo pages rank high on Google searches
9. Squidoo is a proven traffic driver
10. Squidoo pays you!

More reasons

  • it’s much easier than trying to accomplish the same on a blog
  • earn a royalty on every sale made off your Squidoo lens
  • Squidoo provides reports so you can monitor your traffic and your rankings within Squidoo community.
  • No limit on number of lenses you can create
  • Squidoo gives you a “front door” where you can greet and interact with customers
  • Squidoo increase your presence online
  • Squidoo lenses give visitors a feel for your store, your products, your personality before they visit. Customer will feel like friends by the time they arrive to your eBay store.

Top five of Squidoo’s most powerful promotional tips:
Choose your niche.

  • create separate lens for each category of your products
  • link all the separate lens with another new lens

Bring out your virtual sales person.

  • Don’t just direct them to “click here.”
  • educate them the benefits of owning your products
  • describe how great it is when they receive your products in the mail and make the image sticks to their mind

Give the eBay module some love.

  • use the eBay module with care 🙂
  • feature one special product with the attention it deserves
  • add other modules to give your lens visual interest

Learn from eBay.

  • Create unique content
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Refresh content regularly
  • use tagging wisely

Share and share alike.

Enough with the theory, now it is your time to take action. Join Squidoo!

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    4 replies to "Selling at eBay with Squidoo Lenses"

    • Lily Yong

      what happen if we don’t paid ?

      • KCLau

        @ Lily,

        I registered with ebay.com and sold some stuff too, to oversea buyer.
        eBay automatically charge my credit card. The credit card info was submitted during registration.

        I think you submitted credit card info too during registration.

    • Lily Yong


      I am ebay seller right now. I just wonder to know we can sell item through SQUIDO in Malaysia ?

      The New Ebay Malaysia were charges the seller listing fee, do you think we have to pay ?


      • KCLau

        Ebay Malaysia charges fees for certain features. I still list my item there without charge because I don’t opt for any of the paid features (such as thumb nail on item list).

        However, I find that the sales is worse without listing using the paid features.

        Squidoo doesn’t has any module that link to ebay.com.my, only ebay.com. If you are selling it to US readers, Squidoo is a great tool to promote your ebay store.

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