Refer to my previous post on how I made passive income from Squidoo, I made $1.71 before May 2007. Squidoo updates the royalty and earning of lens master’s account on July 6th for the period May 1st-31st, 2007. I was paid $3.87 for doing nothing in May. That’s really passive.

There is no doubt that Squidoo is a great place to generate extra traffic for your sites. Google just loves Squidoo. I created some posts about home loan in Malaysia, and then spent 5 minutes to create a Squidoo lens to point links to all the resources I found during my research. Of course, in the lens itself, I pointed the reader to read some of my articles regarding home loan. In the process of promoting my blog articles, Squidoo actually pays me royalty for doing marketing for myself.

If you do a google search for best home loan Malaysia, you will find that my Squidoo lens ranks higher than my blog post. This is probably due to the better SEO and PageRank. Anyway, for those reader who visited my home loan lens, will most probably click on the link to my articles at this blog. In other words, I am getting paid for doing marketing for my own blog.

Above is the current earning statement of my account. If you are observant, you will notice that how come my previous balance is $1.55, not $1.71? It is because I set 10% of the earning to be allocated for Squidoo charity funds. Squidoo’s calculation is not what you think is fair. From my total balance of $5.42, $0.54 (10%) is allocated for charity this time. That means my previous balance of $1.55 also contribute $0.16 to charity. So as long as the balance is there in the account, it will be deducted for charity every month. However, charity is a good thing, so I still put 10% allocation for it anyway. There are lens master who actually gives all of the earning to charity, which is also currently practiced by Squidoo team.

During the period of May 2007, I only have 4 lenses. But the royalty increased more than 100% compared to April 2007. Now I had created about 20 lenses since the end of June 2007. I think the royalty will increase more than 100% again in the period of June when Squidoo updates the earning in early August. I am looking forward to that. If you still haven’t register with Squidoo, use my referral link by clicking here. When you make the total of $15 in the future, I ‘ll be paid $5 referral fees too.


I created lens on the topic which is not suitable for my blogs and also on some relevant subjects as a marketing tool. When I read something I like, instead of bookmarking it, I prefer to create a lens about it. Here are my latest lenses:
The first professional USB Studio Condenser MicrophoneClavia Nord Wave Synthesizer
Kurzweil PC1X 88-keys Performance Controller Keyboard
Jazz Mutant Dexter
Cakewalk Studio Instruments
DigiTech Vocalist Live
Why Squidoo Lenses are better than blog posts

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