Everyone gets tired and frustrated when they can’t get the best out of their job. As mentioned in the Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant, hopping from the employee quadrants to the self-employed quadrant needs courage. Some face the problem of not knowing what to do to be self-employed. So here is some free business ideas for you to venture. I collected them from all over the web.

1. Find all the books used in the nation’s top business programs

Finding the books used in degree programs is not easy and takes a good bit of digging. Someone could build a website and title it something like, “find all the books used in the nation’s top business programs”. Then they could start researching and find all the books used in the school of business program, or MBA program. Once the books are found you just list them on the website with a link straight to Amazon, or a link straight to CampusI (campusI will pay you just for someone conducting a search).

2. No-time Clock

Humans need sleep. When they don’t get sleep, it makes them grouchy. So, if they are having trouble sleeping, they are probably willing to pay $30 for a device that will help them sleep. You wouldn’t identify this need unless you have been through the experience of having a three-year old walk into your room at 4:00 AM and ask “Is it time to get up yet? So, the invention that fixes this problem is called a “No Time Clock” – as in “Buy This Clock and You Will Be Sleeping Soundly in No Time.”

3 10 free business idea ebook

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Ideas are cheap. It is the committed and persistent execution that makes a business successful.

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      Thanks for linking to the free home business ebook on my site, I’ve linked to a page where there are a large number of such ebooks.

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