When I first started working as a financial professional, I am so amazed to find that most of the prospects I approach don’t have a single idea about financial freedom. Some thank me for telling them about the concept. Some just ignore the fact and think that financial freedom will come and it is called retirement. Most people think that retirement is when you are forced to stop working and nobody will hire you anymore. Some people even told me that they will never want to retire because they enjoy working so much and don’t know what to do if they are going to retire someday. This obviously shows that they don’t understand financial freedom at all.

When you are financially free, you can choose not to retire. It is all up to you. Financial freedom just means that you don’t have to “work for money” anymore. You can work for fun. You can work for your own passion. You can fulfill your dream without ever worry about money. You don’t have to trade your time in exchange for cash. You can go to live at the place you like. You can even have your flat nose fixed with nose surgery. You can practically do what you dream to do provided that your plan for it as part of your dream after you achieve financial freedom.

Is it a dream? With a great and realistic plan, it might still be a dream if you don’t have the burning desire.


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    • kclau

      Just like the famous saying, don’t work for the bank, let the bank work for you.

    • LifeOfAbundance

      oops, forgot to add, a fine article, KC

    • LifeOfAbundance

      Exactly, work smart. Pay yourself(save money-whatever u can put aside). Then make ur savings work for u.

    • kclau

      I think smart comes first before hard. Thanks for dropping by Newopps

    • newopps

      i believe that if work we work hard & smart, dream will become reality…

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