People try to get rich or just try to get more money through various means. You may have heard that feng shui is a popular method used especially by the Chinese to attract wealth into their lives. They go through a lot of trouble to ensure that their homes and even businesses are done according to good feng shui designs. These people do not mind to go through some trouble to enhance their luck or chances to increase their wealth. Feng shui is earth luck according to the trinity of luck, tien ti ren (heaven luck, earth luck and mankind luck). Applying feng shui therefore means activating your earth luck working with your surroundings.

How do you increase your wealth luck with feng shui?

Firstly, you can display auspicious symbols of wealth and prosperity like the gods of wealth, Fuk, Luk and Sau. Literally translated, their names mean wealth, affluence and longevity. A popular deity used a lot in businesses is the laughing Buddha. Another common symbol is the three-legged toad or frog with a coin in its mouth. buddha3

During Chinese New Year, popular symbols used are the potted lime plants signifying wealth luck, the pineapple fruit indicating that good luck is coming and the potted jade plant symbolizing great prosperity. Secondly, you can activate the southeast corner (representing the wealth corner) of your living room. Get a sailing ship laden with gold and precious stones (normally fake ones) for displaying.

You can also use water features to activate the southeast to attract wealth luck. This complies with the theory of the productive cycle of elements where water produces wood and the southeast being a wood element.

Having a fish or water motif or painting on the southeast walls of the living room is also recommended. This is one reason why miniature fountains are so popular with the Chinese as are fish aquariums. If you happen to have a garden, you can also activate the southeast corner by installing a small fish pond, water fountain or water fall. Would you believe that your sleeping direction can also have some effect on your personal wealth? You need to know your “Kua” number first. For example, my kua number is ‘1’ and I belong to the east group which means that my wealth orientation is the southeast.

So, I have to position my bed so that my head is pointing to the southeast direction when sleeping. At the same time, I can also ensure that my rice cooker’s source of energy is position correctly to come from the wealth direction, the southeast. For those who want to go a step further can activate the number eight Water Star in the Flying Star Chart of their homes. This article is too short to go into details here. However, you can deepen your knowledge by reading more on the subject by famous authors like Lillian Too and Joey Yap.

Have you tried feng shui before to enhance your life? Do you think it has been effective? Please share your experience.

This post is contributed by Jacquelyn Sarah Wong from Wise Parenting Guide ( Visit her blog for more parenting tips.

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    • madan boone

      KClau, Please help me. My child born in the year of 22-2-2008 , when i calculate the kua number is number 4, Lillian Too calculation is kua number is 5 and then Joeyyap calculation is number 8. So which once is right?

      • jacquelyn

        Since I’m not a feng shui expert, I won’t be able to tell you which one is correct. The only solution is to read and learn more on the subject. All the best.

    • Chan

      I might not be in the topic but may i get some advice on using fengshui to name my child. Any suggestion or good fengshui master that i can visit to get advice on this? Thanks in advance

      • KCLau

        Hi Chan,

        I got some suggestion from this company:
        012-5560188 Ya Zhou Name Research

    • Chad Dunham

      Carson is mostly right, except that per Joey Yap, using Fire to try and enhance the 8-White Star is counterproductive because it “hardens” the Earth Qi too much and causes stagnation. Also, because 8-White is in its Wang Qi stage, Water Qi does not harm it, but actually stimulates its effects. So using an aquarium in the southeast to activate the 8-White Annual Star is perfectly fine. Just remember to keep the Qi in balance (in other words, don’t overwhelm the space or “drown” it in water).

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    • Jacquelyn

      Carson may be right about his feng shui analysis. I admit that I only read Lillian Too’s books due to its reader friendly style. I may decide to follow Carson’s suggestion of using a salt crystal lamp as my living room is located at the southeast section of the house.

      The flying stars do change monthly but the element of each direction remains fixed. For example, the southeast’s element is the ‘small wood’ which represents ‘wealth luck’ whereas the north’s element is ‘water’ representing ‘career luck’.

      The elements interact with each other. As in the case above, a water feature is suggested in the southeast because it is a ‘productive cycle’ where the water ‘feeds’ the wood element.

    • Elaine

      Hi KC Lau,

      Have you try the method you mention like putting those figurines? Do they work for you? Now who making the wealth?

      Feng shui not about putting thing here and there. Look back the history or classical feng shui how those grand masters did, like Yang Gong (famous of “Yang jiu ping” = Yang helping the poor)Those days, the poors had food on the table consider a blessing and how can they afford to buy those figurine like ship, toad etc.

      Feng shui does works for balance & harmony of human being or family unit.

    • Carson Ding

      I would like to point out that the article above is not entirely accurate.

      First, the genuine study of feng shui is all about the five metaphysical elements’ energy interactions ~ wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

      Placing idols like laughing buddha, three-legged toad and pineapple has no big effect. They are just for psychological effect at best.

      Second, every house set up is different because of the facing directions, year of build and the occupants. Everybody’s southeast corner is different and is not fixed for just wealth. Placing a ship laden with whatever has no effect (same point as number above).

      Pictures have no effect in the feng shui energy. A small water feature has no effect. You need big aquarium to see effect. Yes, it’s true that the southeast corner is wood element, but combining water with it does not produce wealth. This combination produces opportunities for improvement in relationship and romance (maybe even extra-marital affairs). Or enhancing career luck because of the improvement in people/relationship luck.

      Southeast corner stars also change from year to year, month to month, and day to day, even hour to hour in the flying star feng shui theory. Thus, it may not just be wood element.

      The number 8 star is not water element. It’s earth. For 2009, number 8 star is at the southeast corner. It would serve you better to have a salt crystal lamp placed there instead of aquarium (water). Water reduces the 8 earth star energy. The lamp (fire) enhances the earth strength (salt crystal) and also strengthening the number 8 earth star.

      Yes, I do use feng shui in my house to enhance the harmony and balance in the home environment. Also, I have seen it helping with my spouse’s and my own career luck, conceiving a child, extra money luck, etc.

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