I previously wrote about liquidating the junk for cash. Recently I found a friend who is so good at making hand made greeting cards, I would like to help her by making this easy guide on how to sell at eBay. If you do it right, you will make some money without even need to pay any fees.

  1. Start with ebay.com.my – If you are staying in Malaysia, you should probably start selling at ebay.com.my instead of eBay.com. The reason is that eBay Malaysia doesn’t charge seller for listing items. There is no transaction fees also for successfully sold items. Since it is free, there are a lot of scams going on there. Sometimes you will get joy bidders bidding on your item. Sometimes you will be asked to ship your item to Africa, which is always an internet scam. However, eventually you will still get some sincere buyer. I suggest that you learn everything about eBay Malaysia before moving on to sell at eBay international sites.
  2. Register an account – Go to Ebay Malaysia homepage. Click the register button. Fill in all the information required and you will receive a confirmation email. register-ebay-account.jpg
  3. Start listing and sell!– After your verify your email, you can start selling straight away. Here are a few tips as a starter to create better item page:
  • Item title – use CAPITAL letter for some important words. But don’t use it excessively. You can also add some symbols which makes the title stand out. Example: —Handmade BIRTHDAY CARD exclusive!–
  • Item description – Don’t type plain text into the text box. Use html code. If you don’t know about html, just create proper description with Microsoft Words or other word writing program. Then save it as a html files. Open the file with your internet browser such as IE or Firefox, and view the source code. Copy it and paste the entire code as the description. The information you should include in the description: Product details, main selling point, unique features, payment method, and shipping method.
  • Download the template I use and modify from there – formula-one-f1-birthday-card-transform-malaysia.htm
  • Add picture – You must insert at least one picture showing clearly of the product you are selling.

I think you will face no trouble with the rest of the information required for pricing and duration. Double check your listing before confirm. After your listing ended with or without bidder, you will receive an email from eBay Malaysia. Email your buyer and and remember: always wait until the payment is cleared before shipping the item.
After gaining some experience with eBay, you might want to move on to Lelong.com.my and eBay International for a larger market.
For more information about selling at eBay, I recommend that you read these articles:
Wikihow: How to sell on eBay
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If there is any other things that you want to know, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Happy Selling!


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    70 replies to "Easy Guide to Sell at Ebay Malaysia"

    • Asian neighbour

      I see many Malaysian scam artists on the ebay usa. now
      Most of them were registered on/after Apr 17, 2021 and are with few feedbacks but none by selling.
      It is so sad to see innocent people will cry for the outcome.

    • Ashraff

      can i sell ”thing” in ebay malaysia without being suspended, and more thing can i sell it to the buyer outside malaysia?

    • Nur Amirah

      Hi Kc, i do have a few questions to ask.
      1. What is your opinion on selling good on ebay such maggi, milo, super rings?,
      2. Is it relevan on 2020 market?
      3. How about postage? I do know that we could use poslaju malaysia but it is okay to send food item overseas for business

      I still learning and trying to start my own business as a stay a home housewife. Hope for a fast reply. Thanks.

      • KCLau

        I am not active with ebay anymore. Many of the knowledge I know about it has changed or outdated.
        I think you will need to find out the other way.

      • Ashraff

        poslaju ada service yang hantar barang ke luar negara, tapi…releven atau tidak selling thing kat ebay tu aku tak tau…hasrat kita sama tapi still survey2

        • Karim

          Kalau nak guna poslaju untuk penghantaran antarabangsa baik lupakan saja kerana anda mungkin akan mengalami kerugian membayar harga kos penghantaran dan surcharge sebab khidmat poslaju tak menyeluruh (tiada urusan import eksport, custom declaration dll). Lebih baik guna DHL sebab semuadiuruskan dari A hingga Z, namun perlu diingat bayaran penghantaran melalui DHL mungkin menjangkau 2.5 kali lebih tinggi dari poslaju.

    • zara

      hi, my name is zara. i want to ask question from you.
      1. can i know how the transaction payment from buyer to seller using paypal? especially for malaysia
      2. did the money in my paypal account can withdraw at malaysia bank? example : maybank, cimb bank
      3. did paypal will charges income tax or whatever tax from our products?

    • nur

      intresting… i want sell my art.. maybe i should try this mediu

    • Kris

      Hi KC,

      I haven’t made an ebay acct. yet but interested to do so. Wanted to start business online,Im not a malaysian. Do I need to pay for tax if I’ll start selling?
      Thanks in advance

    • ST

      Hi KC,
      So the RM3 charges on the credit card is not refundable? Waiting for your reply.

      • KCLau

        I haven’t been using eBay for a few years. I am not sure of the latest policy though. Normally when they charge a small sum for CC verification, it will be refunded.

    • Dina

      For 1st time Ebays registration, if you dont have a credit card to activate your account, can use debit card. After key in the details then click proceed, you will get a sms from your bank to inform you to activate your debit card through sms. After activation you can proceed the registration with RM 3 charges.

    • Lawrence Leon

      Hi KC
      I’m Leon very new to eBay -take it like i don’t know anything -do you conduct training -could you please send the details -if you have class like training more the better -hope to hear from you soon tks

      • KCLau

        Hi Lawrence, I don’t have any class on selling at ebay though.

    • Angela

      Hi. We would like to become a seller in ebay. Our company, Taiping Poly Sdn Bhd selling travel and luggage products. Please email us the details on how to become a seller in ebay to angelarose1296@gmail.com. We also need some details on types of products that could be sell in ebay.

      Thanks and regards,
      Taiping Poly Sdn Bhd

    • zulyus

      Hi K.C,

      I’m new to ebay and just trying to sell internationally there.Just recently after listing my item on ebay.com, i came across the “Cross Border Trade Agreement” page that requires me to agree.I’m still not sure about it.Is it ok or should i agree to it.I’m just trying to sell some small lightweight items in the beginning.Hope anyone could enlighten me on this matter, thanks to all.

    • Sor

      Mr KCLau

      I would like to ask can if I am now residing in Australia and would like to sell things to Malaysia.

      If it possible?or is there any restrictions apply?

      Warm regards

      • KCLau

        I am not sure of the legal issue though. Better ask the relevant party.

      • mubin

        Hi Sor,

        What kind of product would you like to sell in malaysia?

        I am a malaysia citizen, maybe we can collaborate into that parts.

        Kindly contact me at mubinmechatronic@gmail.com

    • kamille

      Hi, i’m facing a problem after i have listed my item on ebay.my, the item is not searchable even though i have key in the exact keywords . The item listed will be searchable after 24hrs only?

    • Snowbell

      Hi, I’m facing problems to list in my product in eBay Malaysia. I try on eBay apps to list in but it suggests to go to website. I try on website but it suggests to go eBay apps. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks a lot

    • Jeff

      Hi KCLau,
      I had open a seller A/cs in Malaysia ebay. But after I completed all the details, finally when I upload photo and can’t listing out the 1st item for sell. Then, I click the help & contact to chat with customer services. They reply :’The reason you are unable to list is because there is no selling limit although you are listing on domestic site ebay Malaysia.’ Is that any suggestions help me to solve this problem??

      Looking for your reply soon.
      Thank you!

    • SK Rao

      Hi KCLau,
      Thank you for the information. I am a Malaysian residing in Australia. I find there is a some Australian made items that will interest Malaysian consumers. As my target is the Malaysian market, am I allowed list these items on ebay.com.my? And are Malaysians comfortable buying online? Thanks.

      • KCLau

        I am not sure about that. You will need to register your account with ebay.com.my. If you are using your current Australia ebay account, I am not sure if this is okay.

      • Leong

        Can list in Malaysia eBay using your existing eBay ID and password. Just that you need to communicate with the buyer on payment method, either using PayPal or direct bank in. By the way, you might wanna try Mudah instead of Lelong or eBay malaysia. Traffic of Mudah is way better if I am not mistaken.

        • KCLau

          Thanks @Leong. I am glad an ebay expert like you can share your knowledge with us here.

    • Grace

      Hi KC,

      I’m a registered member of eBay.com.my and eBay.com. In fact, wanted to list my first item for sale on eBay.com but unfortunately i need to start listing first and foremost on eBay.com.my in order to fulfill one of eBay’s International Selling’s criteria i.e. to reach a minimum feedback score of 10.

      May i know how to go about doing it? Another thing, is there any way that i can choose my country based not to be visible to my prospective eBay buyers as i intend to do drop shipping?


      • KCLau

        Hi Grace, not so sure about the latest guideline since I’ve stopped selling on Ebay long time ago.
        But you can easily build up some feedback here in Malaysia ebay by selling to the locals first.

      • kcoon

        hi, new to ebay too, was surprised that i was also charged RM 3. thanks for clarifying 😀

    • lee

      Hi KCLau

      I just created a seller’s account. After providing them with my credit card details and post my item on e-bay without payments needed (rm0.00 as stated), I received an sms saying my card has been charged RM3.00. Whats the RM3.00 charge for?

      • Leong Chia How

        That payment is to verify your credit card, see if payment can be collected from the credit card. When you create seller account, normally it assumes that you will sell on ebay.com ( various fees like insertion, final value fee etc). eBay would like to make sure that they can collect the fee from you.

        No worry about the payment since it is not a recurring fee.

    • kar

      Mr.KC Lau, just wanted to ask if let’s say I registered my ebay account at ebay.com.my, will my store be visible to US or UK market?
      Or I have to register under ebay.com only I get the chance to get my items be visible to other countries?
      I tried to register in ebay.com, but was restricted by ebay to get my item listed in there.
      This is because I wanted to aim for the other countries market and not the Malaysia market.
      Can you advice me on these please?
      Thank you very much.
      Hope to hear from you soon. Just email me for this information.

      • KCLau

        Hi Kar, if you want to sell item to US market, register account on Ebay.com.
        If you want to target UK market, then register separate acccount on Ebay.co.uk.

      • Leong Chia How

        If you are Malaysian, you need to first register an eBay account in eBay Malaysia.

        If you wish to sell internationally, just use the same ID and password, log in to eBay.com, register a seller account.

        After you register for seller account at eBay.com, you can use the same ID and Password to sell on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk.

        If you want your item to be visible at eBay.com / eBay.co.uk, log in to respective account and sell your item. If you register your seller account at eBay.com, but you are listing your item at eBay.com.my, your item will still not visible at eBay.com / eBay.co.uk

        In a nutshell, since you had registered an account at eBay.com.my, proceed to register a seller account at eBay.com and done. Thereafter, use the same ID and Password, log in to eBay.com / eBay.co.uk to sell your item.

        Hope this may clear your doubt. Note that new account will subject to selling limits, so sell slowly initially and sell bigger volume thereafter:)

        • KCLau

          @Chia How, thank for contributing your expert knowledge here. Awesome!

    • ahmad

      can any one suggest me what is the cheapest courier service to send item that we sold in eBay for example to US and UK.

    • zex

      Hello eBayers,

      Due to freight problems and slow postage by local post that I am facing all the time. I want to share with you a new and very efficient way to sell to Australia. This company at http://www.airfreightmalaysia.com is offering eBayers attractive rates to Australia. They will be expanding to other places as well according to the website. It states that if you guys have a good quantity, the rates can be negotiated.

    • Wan

      Thanks for the useful info!

      I was wondering, if the selling is successful, how do you collect the payment from ebay Malaysia?

    • fionel

      Hi Mr.KC Lau,
      Lets say I have registered a business in M’sia and selling on eBay.uk.
      Wondering where should i pay my income tax to? To the UK or Msia?
      Thanks and hope to have your advise soon.

      • Leong Chia How

        Until now there is still no cyberlaw. However, it would be better for you to pay tax in Malaysia if you are living in Malaysia, wish to purchase property, house or whatever item in Malaysia. That is how you legalize your purchase. Avoid tax is a no no suggestion. 1st time penalty is 45% of under-declared income, 2nd time penalty is 90% based on what my accountant told me.

        One more thing to bear in mind, assuming that you accept payment via PayPal, money is remitted into Malaysia, then better for you to submit tax in Malaysia. BNM has the ability to regulate PayPal transaction now, it is no longer like last time since PayPal entering Malaysia.

    • jegathesan

      Please inform me if there is any seminar on selling on e-bay. Much better to see and learn than reading about it alone. Thanks!

      • Leong Chia How

        My company does conduct eBay class. But I am not sure if I can promote over here. So I choose not to unless given authority by KC Lau 😀

    • Iva

      Dear Mr KCLau,

      Since using eBay Malaysia we are not requires for any insertion fee and final value fee, but why we still have to submit our credit card number? Even if I submit my credit card number, will they charge me for selling items in eBay Malaysia?

      • Leong Chia How

        Credit card number is just for registration purpose. You will still free to list them. Who knows you might want to add some upgrade feature on your listing like schedule time, add more picture etc? Don’t worry that eBay will simply charge you, they won’t 😀

        • Wan

          I just created a seller’s account. After providing them with my credit card details, i received an sms saying my card has been charged RM3.00. Whats the RM3.00 charge for?

    • iani abd

      nice tips.thanks for sharing.well done 🙂

    • Kenny

      Any idea how to sell from eBay Malaysia to the international market. I can only seem to sell domestically… dunno if it’s just me. Help.

      • KCLau

        You will need to list your item at http://www.ebay.com, which will cost money to list your stuff.

      • Leong Chia How

        You got to register a seller account in eBay USA then only you can list your item on ebay.com

    • Haafiz

      I’m just opened eBay account, can you help me to do research on hot selling item without subscribe any tools?

    • Uithayakumar

      Dear Mr KCLau,
      Currently I m working in a Logistic Company as a Regional Business Manager for Northern. My age 48 got another 7 years of service. Don’t want to continue working till the age of 55. Want to work on my own earning easy income for less working hours.
      Need for your guidence.
      T.Q Sir.

    • james

      i i want to sell personal item like my car or my piano, do i have to register with any govt. authority in malaysia. tks

      • KCLau

        No, you don’t have to do that because it is not what you do at a regular basis to earn a living.

    • suba

      Paypal Malaysia can’t verify my debit card. It keep reading error. I am using this card for my paypal and I do not have any problem.

      • KCLau

        I think they have trouble with debit card. Credit card is fine.

    • chao

      Hello KCLau,

      I was wondering whether one needs to have a license if he is willing to start an eBay business.I heard that any on-line income is taxable, but if the income is under RM 2000, then no taxes. BTW, I will not deal with eBay directly, but rather through a Trading Post, by the name “quik consignment” in kl. so, if the eBay business is taxable, does that mean you need to get a license?
      kindly let me hear from you.

      • KCLau

        I think you are referring to registering your business with ROC or ROB. When you are conducting a business, whether it is profiting or not, you should register your business. Of course some businesses require licenses other than the normal registration. For selling goods at eBay, you just need to register your business and file your account.

    • Eruwan Gerry

      Hi KC,
      Thanks for sharing this great info with everyone.
      We can use more people like you to promote eBay! 🙂

    • Eve

      Hi KC,

      So if eBay required a credit card information, hence what ijat says is true?

      ijats quote Youre only charged a fee when you list or sell your items. Youll receive a monthly invoice

      Please clarify. Thanks.

      • KCLau

        Now, listing to sell is still free unless you include some paid features such as bigger picture, reseve price etc

    • ijat

      Hi KCLau,

      eBay Malaysia doesn’t charge seller for listing items. There is no transaction fees also for successfully sold items

      ive create the acc but after i try to listing item, ebay keep asking my credit card number:
      Pay seller fees with a credit card
      Remember:Youre only charged a fee when you list or sell your items. Youll receive a monthly invoice. Your information is not shared with anyone else and you can always change your account details by visiting My eBay.

      Im a student and i dont even have any credit card number.please help

      • KCLau

        You do need a credit card to create a seller account if not mistaken.

    • John Ng

      I tried to set up an account to sell on ebay but cannot load my picture, it’s in tif format, also I can’t seem to find my Banks’ ID code anywhere.

      • KCLau

        try Jpeg format images

    • Joanne Tang

      Hi KCLau,

      Thanks for sharing this information. It really do helps me a lot on setting business online.

      Hope to hear from you.


    • roshan

      hey, i dont know what is wrong with my liting page. There is no handling time on it but when i click continue, a message pops up and says all required fields must be filled. Problem is i cant find it. Can you please help me???

      • KCLau

        Hi Roshan,

        I think it is better that you contact Ebay directly to solve your problem

    • kilopi

      Looks interesting!
      Thanks for letting us know about it.I really love your blog well done , congrats
      ebay picture host

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