What’s the Book About?

In/Outcome is a complete personal finance book that offers simple guidance on every aspect of our financial lives. If you dread reading “boring textbooks which cover theories”, don’t fret. I personally found many interesting stories, personal ones from Amelia and many others, that carry insights as to how we could work on our finances. You’re in for a treat. 

Who Should Read? 

I believe this book is a suitable read if you:

  • Are a fresh graduate. 
  • Wish to have better control over your finances. 
  • Be more all-rounded when managing your finances. 

Focal Points: 

Till today, most finance-titled books are authored by men. Not many by women presently. This is refreshing as books authored by men focus on intellect and so, lacking the heart & emotional aspects to money. Such a gap is filled by Amelia. I find that her book touches more on the “person” than the “finance” and here, I will offer a quick list of discussion points that I find interesting in her book: 

1. Savings

As much as we want to invest and build a financially rich life, it’s only possible if we could save money. Amelia places a lot of emphasis as to why many of us are struggling to do as such. These could be from our family upbringing, beliefs and many other “complications” described in her book. Hence, if you want to tackle this issue head-on, understand as to why it seems to be a struggle to save some money, and more importantly, start having some money saved, you should read this book. Beyond 1,001 ways to save money, what’s more important is “the big why” for you to save money. 

2. Investments

As stated, this is not a book that talks about “what-to” or “how-to” invest in any asset classes. 

Instead, Amelia chose a different angle by focusing on us (the investor). She has placed her focus on why we invest, our risk profile, the mindset and attitudes in managing our investments. All of these are underrated but yet highly crucial for all of us if we want to build sustainable portfolios over the long-term. 

3. Estate Planning 

Amelia has included a full chapter on estate planning issues. Understandably, in most cases, people tend to focus on wealth accumulation but not protection. In planning our finances, it is critical for us to not focus on the offence, but also be very much prepared for defence. In brief, Amelia highlighted six “Ds” that we all should prepare for: Death, Disability, Disease, Divorce, Debts and Disasters. Her book touches on the practical use of insurance, will and trust to tackle all of the 6Ds mentioned to the best of our abilities. 

Some Food For Thought

Amelia discusses our realities when it comes to funding our retirement. She has provided a table where RM 1 million could be needed to fund a retirement that requires RM 3k a month for 20 years until the age of 75. If one requires more to spend during retirement, the nest egg will be much bigger, ranging RM 2, 3 and even up to RM 8 million. 

Many methods covered in the book would be practical if one has a net worth of under RM 100k or one who struggles to save RM 1-2k a month. It is okay to use second-hands, cook at home, buy practical not brands … etc to save costs. Such I believe is workable if you want to save your first RM 100k by 35 years old. But, if you want to go from RM 100k to RM 1 million, it takes a lot more than ‘saving cost’ to get there. You need to be smarter financially to get there. 

Therefore, I believe that smart financial moves for one who has a net worth of: 

  • Under RM 50k
  • RM 50k – RM 100k
  • RM 100k – RM 250k
  • RM 250k – RM 500k
  • RM 501k – RM 1 million 

would be different. 

Save on Starbucks is useful for one who has under RM 50k but not the one who has RM 1 million in net worth. Maybe, the book can be more complete, if there is a discussion on strategies for people at different stages in their financial lives. 


I find that Amelia’s book is easy-to-read and perfect for one who wants to begin their financial lives at the right footing. To grab a copy of her book: 

In/Outcome – Manage Your Income & Achieve Great Financial Outcome

To Watch Our Interview Recording with Amelia Hong: 

Webinar: In/Outcome

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