Malaysians love investing into Property. After all, property investment provides you with capital appreciation and rental income, which is a good hedge against Inflation. However prior to making the leap into the property market, it is always good to know what are the advantages and disadvantages, and the risks involved. Mr Yap Ming Hui, Independent Financial Advisor from Whitman explore what are the pros and cons of Property Investment and how to increase the chances of success in your investment into property.


Smart Property Investing

The Advantages:

  • Good hedge against inflation
  • Leverage through bank loan
  • Tangible
  • Provides capital appreciation and rental income
  • Not impacted (immediately) by economic data

The Disadvantages:

  • No known valuation method
  • Capital Gain Tax
  • Liability Risk
  • Illiquidity – difficulty to turn into cash

To learn more on this topic, view our video on Smart Property Investing

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About Yap Ming Hui

Yap Ming Hui is the nation’s leading authority on financial freedom. He is a revered independent financial advisor and coach, and creator of the YMH Model for Financial Freedom.

In his professional capacity, Yap Ming Hui is the Managing Director of Whitman Independent Advisors Sdn Bhd, a leading independent financial advisory firm in Malaysia which specialises in helping clients achieve financial freedom by optimising their wealth. As the author of 5 bestselling books on financial freedom, Mr Yap has a regular column in the New Sunday Time, and can be regularly seen hosting Financial Freedom Minutes on NTV7 The Breakfast show. Contact him at enquiries@yapminghui.com


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    2 replies to "Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment"

    • Yap Ming Hui

      I agree with you that propertty investment is still a good investment if you don’t over borrow.

    • Despite the disadvantages, buying property is still the best way to get rich over the long term, if you do not borrow a lot of money and saves up on the interest payments.

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