Enclosed is a letter to shareholders of icapital from Laxey Partners Ltd, the largest single shareholder in the company.


Click here to download the PDF.


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    3 replies to "ICAP is worth more Dead than Alive!"

    • W. E. LAM

      i just cant imagine what will happen if it let a guy who claims himself as warren buffett malaysia and one of the top 5 fund manager IN THE WORLD! to invest my money for me. 🙁 nothing but megalomaniac.

    • alantanblog

      Let hear from both side during the AGM before casting your vote!
      I believe TTB may have a “good” news for their owner-holder

    • Andre Ooi

      I’m a share holder.
      this is big news.
      what’s bigger news is http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/business/article/capital-dynamics-gets-sc-nod-for-worlds-first-dual-listed-fund/

      well, I believe liquidating it will give share holders instant profit, but I invested in iCAP because I am in for long term, bigger gain as I believe in Tan’s philosophy.

      Anyhow, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome.

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