Renowned lawyer and book author, Khairul Anuar explained about Schedule G and Schedule H of Malaysia Housing Development Act, which is to protect and safeguard the interest of home buyers.

The Kementerian Perumahan has the power to check any housing property developer who is selling property whether they are trying to sell it in the proper way or not. If it is found that they are selling to the mass market, they can be put under the Housing Developer Law.

So, whether they are really a housing developer or not, as long as they are selling to the mass market, then they will be selling under Schedule G or Schedule H. Any property developer has to use either one.

What is Schedule G and what is Schedule H? The Schedules can be found under the Housing Development Control and Licensing Act of 1966. This is the main act in which all housing developers are controlled under.

Schedule G – landed property individual titles

Schedule G is for the selling of landed property, which is sold using individual titles. These titles are then issued to the purchaser. As a purchaser, you sign the transfer form, which are documents from the housing developer to transfer the property to the purchaser. The purchaser will then have the individual titles in their name.

In most cases, these titles are kept by the banks that have financed the purchase of the property. Even so, your name is on the title and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Schedule H – strata titles

The complications come when we use Schedule H. Schedule H is for the use for landed properties that are of a condominium style development. So, you have a high-rise where every unit is actually just a drawing on a piece of paper that is shown at the end of the purchase agreement.

Your unit will always be marked with a highlighter to show that it is yours. Other than that, it will also show all your existing parcel like your parking space or any other building that is sold with your property.

Schedule H will also have this part where they tell you about common properties. Common properties will be things or spaces that you share with other within the development. This can be the garden, visitors’ parking, and can be the corridor, it can be the other facilities. Those are the common properties that you share. This is the dynamic of strata living.

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Schedule G and H of Housing Development Act

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    16 replies to "What’s Schedule G and H of Housing Development Act"

    • Foo Kok Yong

      I am a House Buyer Adviser and found that most of the house purchasers do not know how to protect
      their interest and also refuse to spend a little sum of money to appoint an adviser to lead them how to
      protect their interest.

      House buyers buying a house RM500,000-00, each refuse to pay RM500-00 adviser fees finally they lost every-thing. In KL thousands of such buyers buying over million dollars houses refuse to pay just point
      one(0.1%) percent adviser fees finally found lost everything.

    • Yap YS

      Hi KC,

      Is there a threshold , ie more than 50 units , is required to have APDL for landed property development.
      Meaning that if the development units is less than 50 units, it does not require APDL.

      Kindly advise

    • Andy Chow

      Wondering normally long it take till l get my landed property house upon signing S& P with developer,. It’s 24 month or 36 month?

      • KCLau

        24 month for residential landed property.

    • Kok

      Hi KC,
      Recently i found out my developer was over billing me on the stage payment for the shop house i bought. I went to the site to check the progress but the actual completion was far behind what the developer was billing me. The Architect has certified the works ???
      What can I do to protect my right under this situation?

      • KCLau

        Ask for legal advice from the SPA lawyer. So sorry can’t help you here.

    • Rosmaini

      Hai kc. I have abit of problem. According to schedule G clause no 12. Position of area of the lot. Bracket 1 saying that any shortage is will be calculated at current market price. And bracket saying any complete of housing which land is calculated more than 2 percent. Buyer need to pay seller the cost of the additioanal land. My question is. If for buyer how many percentage the shortage will be calculated. Is it the 2 percent as per in the bracket 2. What if the shortage of land is 25 percent from what written in the snp. Does clause 12 bracket 1 valid.

    • Keith

      Hi KC,

      Three questions pls.
      1. I got the copy of Schedule H. However, I counter checked the clauses and found that the developer have amended some clauses compared to the standard version. Is it ok? Or it should exactly follow the standard version?
      2. For schedule H, the time for delivery revised to 48 months, but the standard is 36 months. Is it ok?
      3. I only got the copy of Sale and Purphase Agreement from the lawyer. I should get the original rather than copy?


      • George Pereira

        I would like answers to the 3 questions listed above,
        1 Whether the Developer can choose to put in a period for completion unilaterally- 48 months instead of the normal 36 months. IS this in breach of schedule H of the Act?

      • Eaton B

        1. I think the question to ask is what is Schedule H applicable to, in your property purchase’s particular instance. As KC says, it applies only to residential property. So does your property’s Schedule H clearly refer to your property as having a residential title? Please check your SPA and with the lawyers who were present during SPA signing. It should state somewhere or other, that the property is residential. I heard that some contracts will address it in the SAME section where they say the land is not for agriculture, is not reserve land bla bla…
        2. The 48 months is ok once approval is obtained as far as I know lah.
        3. You should get an original out of the multiple originals signed.

        • KCLau

          Thanks for answering this @Eaton… appreciate it

    • Sylvia Yap

      Hi KC

      Can I know what documents a lawyer base on when he prepares the Schedule G/H for SPA? Is there a proper write up on this that I can read up?

      Appreciate your feedback on this matter. Thanks.

    • Nur Aliza Ismail

      how about SOHO property ? whether is is fall under residential or commercial property..and what schedule normally they use either G or H.

      Thanks for your time.

    • Rosilah Subari

      I am buying landed property with scheduled H but no common property. Lawyers have done error should i re do
      My Spa? Who’s duties to check spa
      Are under right schedule n what documents to refer.
      My opinion law shld checked Development Order to get details of projects approved by PBT.
      Seeking u opinion

    • Anusheeni

      That’s a good overview on the schedules. How about commercial property? For example a sub-sale of warehouse.. does it still fall under schedule G? Is there any other rule that need to be referred as well?

      • KCLau

        Schedule G and H don’t apply to non-residential properties development. So for commercial property, it is best to get your own lawyer to verify the SPA.

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