It is believed that in a climate of global uncertainty, Malaysia may have a good future with a defensive economy driven by domestic factors.

Therefore, CIMB launched a new unit trust fund – CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund, based on the these factors:

  • Oil and gas sector thriving on high global oil prices
  • Plantations sector thriving on rising CPO prices
  • Construction sector beneficiary of 9MP projects

The fund aims to provide investors with medium to long term capital appreciation through investments in securities of Malaysian companies that will benefit from prevailing investment themes, and that conform with Shariah principles.

The stock selection is said to be based on potential sectors. The fund will invest in companies within the identified sectors which possess improving fundamentals, attractive relative valuations, and increasing investor expectations.

Annual Management Fee: 1.5%
Trustee Fee: 0.08%
Application Fee: 6.5%
Application Fee (EPF investors): 3%
Withdrawal fee: 1% (chargeable within 3 months from the commencement date)


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