Wise Bread wrote about the famous quote by Donald Trump in the post You’re Fired! 20 signs that a pink-slip is coming. If you find any three affirmative indications from the 20 questions discussed in the article, you are at high risk of getting your boss firing you. I find it hard to believe if any of my readers will answer “yes” to more than three questions.

Money Musings told a story about a woman highly in debt just strike the lottery recently.  Lottery Mom’s Money Mistake Pays Off Big. Remember that money won’t make you rich. I wish that Money Musings will write a follow up post about this woman a few months later. I doubt that she will be any richer.

Personal Finance Advice wrote about the wrong practices in gas saving. Check out his post Four Gas Saving Myths.  Now you don’t have to turn off the air conditioner just to save gas :)

TradeMacro, an experienced investor wrote about diversification. If you really want to diversify for the minimum risk in investment, you should do a complete diversification. Check out TradeMacro’s article – Real Diversification

I hope this will get you some more money tips during the weekend.

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