Which is of greater importance in property hunting? Is it:

– The Neighbourhood or

– The Property Itself


For me, I believe it is the neighbourhood over the property itself. Why? If you have a bad-conditioned property in a good location, you can make it more desirable by renovation and good interior designs. However, if you have a property, whether its condition is good or bad, in a bad location, there’s nothing much you can do to change the attractiveness of the entire neighbourhood.

Thus, a property built within a township with a proper master plan is highly sought after. Today, property buyers appreciate the value of choosing properties in a quality neighbourhood where residents are enjoying higher quality of living. As I write, Kota Kemuning is one of the most popular townships in the Klang Valley.

As such, in this webinar, we have invited Chanson Lau, a Registered Real Estate Negotiator & Team Manager of Full Homes Realty Sdn Bhd to present an extremely comprehensive overview of Kota Kemuning. If you missed the webinar session, let me do a recap for you. Therefore, I’ll share 5 quick things you need to know about Kota Kemuning.


#1: Who’s the Developer?

Kota Kemuning is developed by Hicom-Gamuda Development Sdn Bhd. It is a strategic partnership between DRB-Hicom Bhd and Gamuda Bhd. Since its development in 1995, Kota Kemuning has matured into an award-winning 1,854-acre integrated township in Shah Alam that combines environmental living with modern conveniences of daily living.


#2: Accessibility

Kota Kemuning is accessible via KESAS (1) and LKSA (2) highways. Refer to the map below:

Source: Wikimapia


#3: Demographics

At present, Chinese, Malay and Indian made up 56.3%, 25.4% and 9.12% of the population of Kota Kemuning. The growth in Chinese residents is attributable to a spillover effect from USJ and the existence of Chinese Taipei School where the syllabus is Taiwanese-based.


#4: Landmarks

Kota Kemuning is a eco-friendly township. 45% of the land is dedicated to green lungs, parks, lakes and open spaces. For instance, Kota Kemuning Central Lake is a popular recreational spot for residents of Kota Kemuning. Meanwhile, for the affluent who prefer a much affluent lifestyle, there are two golf courses available which include the Kota Permai Golf Course and the Bukit Kemuning Golf Country Club.

Kota Kemuning is also a self-sustained township where most amenities are easily accessible under a 10-minute drive. The main commercial area of Kota Kemuning is known as Gamuda Walk. It has two floors of retail spaces and corporate offices known as the Gamuda Biz Suites. Besides, Kota Kemuning has ample of banking facilities located across several thriving commercial developments and a hospital known as the Columbia Asia Hospital.


#5: The Next Hotspot

Today, Kota Kemuning is already matured. As such, top developers are moving southwards to build another township, known as Bandar Rimbayu. Refer to the map below. These developers include Gamuda, EcoWorld, IJM and Tropicana.


Source: Wikimapia


Here, I’ve covered the surface. There is so much more to discover about Kota Kemuning as Chanson shares the choices of properties available in Kota Kemuning. To find out more,

Webinar Link:

KCLau’s Real Estate Insiders’ Series – Kota Kemuning


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