There will be no complicated mathematic equation in this post. To accumulate wealth, we just need to maximize the below most important elements.

This is how much we are able to keep the hard earned money to ourselves. Can we save RM300/month, or RM2/day, or RM50,000/year? Pay yourself first!

We must give enough time for our money to work for us. The younger we are to start saving, the better it is.

Rate of return is normally associated with the amount of risk we are willing to take. If you know an investment instrument well, you will eventually bear lower risk as long as you know what you are doing. Get higher return from our money! Put our money into places where they can work really hard!

Imagine the box in the picture is the amount of money we accumulated. Increasing the value of the 3 basic elements, we will certainly get a bigger box —-> more wealth!


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    • Rick

      hey….kc, i m 22 year old and have interesting for investment …..should i start from now to amke an investment?

      • KCLau

        Hi Rick,

        It is best to start learning as much as possible on a certain type of investment first. I recommend to start with stocks and properties.

    • Ivi

      Hi KC,

      I agreed what u said. The ealier u start saving, the more money u can accumulate. Even though only save RM100 or RM200 per month. At least save something and invest in high return and legal investment tools.

      Now I need to have RM10k extra for my 6 mths later used. Do u hv any idea that 6 mths can have RM10K?


    • amy

      i have a balance personal loan of 10k. the interest rate is 11% and next year is 13%. i have some money of rm5k in my saving. should i use up the money to pay up the loan or park it there for emergency purposes? monthly i am paying rm600.

    • james

      hi my wife has 150k in the bank fdeposit. but the interest rate is not good. where else can we invest it to get better returns. stocks?? tks

      • KCLau

        There are many places you can park your money. And most of the places are good parking place as long as you know what you are doing.

    • Sayeed

      For me, making and growing wealth, there is no shortcuts, it takes time, persistance, discipline and most important continuous education.

      It is not really about which investment gives us the best ROI, as it keep changing with time, so being alert and keeping our savings and funds active would help us grow our wealth.

      Learn and make more!!

    • Hong

      Need some advise on how to invest my 100k.

      Was thinking to invest half on Gold (50k) and half as a 10% deposit to buy a condo at Mont Kiara for rental yield.

      What you think?

      • KCLau

        You can invest in the area you are best at and interest you most.

    • ahmad shamsul mohd zain

      hi KC

      Recently, my wf do overlapping her Brakyat personal loan (RM200K for 20years, monthly pymt @ RM1,700). Balance from over lapping amt. we do as follows:

      1. RM 10K (Children saving account)
      2. RM 10K (Gold Invest Acct.)
      3. RM 10K (Currency Investment)
      4. RM 60K (ASNB)
      5. RM 18K (Settle CCard Outstanding)

      Can you comment my above action?

      • KCLau


        Your personal loan come with a cost (the interest). It is very important to make a higher return than the interest charged in order to put you in a better cash flow and net worth position.

    • rob

      The question is.. where to save to get the highest ROI? Where to save??

      • KCLau

        @ Rob,

        Good question! Keep asking it and keep finding the answer.
        At the end, we all have different set of answers. Something good for me might not be good for you.
        Follow your own path.

    • CharcoalArt

      Hi KC, I like your articles, they are straight forward and coincise. I bought your book last weekends. Your tips and advices are very practical. Many thanks. CA

    • Jake

      i agree, wealth accumulation takes time. It is a process

    • Relax

      It is very simple, but very important.

      I think I can manage the first 2. The 3rd one is a bit shaky for me. I need more education for that one.

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