In conjunction of Great Eastern Life Assurance’s 100th anniversary, a new slightly modified regular premium investment-linked plan was launched for a limited time. As stated in the brochure, “limited time” is actually an unknown period. But I doubt that it will still be available after this year.

So what’s new in this plan?

Same premium, higher protection

I wrote about the other best selling regular premium investment-linked plan before, called Greatlife Portfolio Insurance, also known as Great Protectlink Insurance.

The new Centennial AddVantage Insurance (CAI) offers exactly the same features as GPI, but with some additional better features.

1% more on your sum assured every year up to 100 years
Centennial AddVantage Insurance grows your sum assured by 1% every year up to 100 years. Let’s say you bought CAI with the basic sum assured of RM1 million. The protection will increase 1% every year (RM10,000). If the life assured passed away 50 years later, his heir will get RM1.5 million plus all the investment value of the policy.

Be protected with accidental death benefits
With Centennial AddVantage Insurance, your loved ones will also receive an additional 100% of the sum assured should anything happen to you in the first policy year, in case of accidental death.

What does this mean to you?

If you are going to buy an investment-linked policy from Great Eastern, make sure you are getting the CAI, and not the GPI, while CAI is still available. I just bought one to fund a children incentive living trust, and also another one for LeYoung.

For a sample of the insurance quotation, you can contact me.


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