My friend Zulkifli Musa just published a new book Buat Duit Tanpa Kerja Makan Gaji. I met Zulkifli during our book launching ceremony a few months ago. He is a nice guy. We chatted a bit about being self-employed and now he had came out with a brand new book about this topic.

I’ve got a few copies to give away. You just need to participate in the comment section in order to win a copy.

Obviously, the book is in Malay language. Local Malaysians shouldn’t find any problem reading the book.

About the Author

Zulkifli Musa graduated from Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine in London with a degree in electronic engineering. After five years of full time employment in a multi-national corporation, he finally quitted his job and become a self-employed since. He writes regularly on his blog – SKOR Career, giving advice on career development. Without much business capital, he had been making money from the comfort of his home with all the admirable flexibility and freedom. He had proved to you that it is definitely possible to make money without being a full time employee.

About the Book

The book is divided into three sections. The first talks about the ideal career, the problem of being employed, and also about seeking the burning desire to quit your job.

The second part discusses about 20 money-making ideas that work and how do you take your first step and plan your strategy to quit your job.

The third section outlines the matters you should expect after you have made the first move.

Of course, it is not easy to quit your job and become your own boss. This book gives you the guidance and set the right expectation and mindset to succeed being a self-employed.

Purchase online

This book shall be available at major bookstores – Borders, MPH, Popular – within August-September 2009. You can also purchase directly online at
Book Planet
MPH Online

How to win a copy

To win yourself a complimentary copy, just tell us what you think about quitting your job and being a self-employed. You can also share with us some money-making ideas. If you are already a self-employed and business owners, it would be great to hear your opinions and experiences.

I will announce three winners next week.


Personal finance author and trainer

    11 replies to "Buat Duit Tanpa Kerja Makan Gaji"

    • teo

      hi KC,

      In my opinion, to be financial freedom and self-employed each must have a own system that can generate a stable and passive income for him.

      As we know bosses are generate a system that this system may help him generated an continuing income for him, do you think that this system created by him and will benefit others?

      I don’t think so.. So start to GENERATE your own system today and make sure this system can generate income for you!!

      • KCLau

        Thanks for your insights.

    • KCLau

      I would like to congratulate the winners of this books:

      LC Saw

      In fact, I love all the comments, opinions and insights from all the participants. But I only have 3 books to giveaway.

      Thanks a lot for your participation – SoonVee, JC, Subashini Sugumaran, Gerald and Donna. Hope to see you guys again in the next contest.

      The lucky book-winners, please contact me and provide your mailing address.

    • LC Saw

      Hi all

      Im Saw, trained as a CFA charterholder, has worked in merchant bank, commercial bank and stockbroking companies since 1997.

      Become self-employed since 2006 with the belief that if I am good, I should work for myself. The first step to become your own boss that is to leave your comfort zone is the most difficult, you will think about the loss of steady paychecks, medical coverage for family etc. But believe me, once the first step is made, what follows will be enlightening, rewarding albeit challeging.

      My passion is investing, hence I choose to be a remisier. Always believing in having multiple sources of income, I venture into areas which are related to and will help my main profession. I serve as tutor / lecturer to 2 univesities and 1 college part time ( adult students with classes during weekends ). From there believe me not, I get most of my top clients. We can also keep on expanding our networking year in year out. Hence when we source for other incomes, its better we stay in related fields to our main profession.

      In the social front, try to sincerely serve some organisations without thinking of monetary gains. The result can be amazing, you will get lot of opportunities when you dont purposely looking for it!

      Being self employed most probably will help you achieve financial freedom faster and able to do what you truly want, more so if you are in the area that you have the skill and passion. Initial stage will be clouded by self doubt, constant comparison with peers and previous paychecks. Once you can overcome the negative thoughts, you will start to work toward your goals. For me, it took two years to find 5 sources of income and triple the income compare to what I get as a professional.

    • JC

      Recently I was head hunted to join a multinational company but I have turned down the offer. I am currently working towards leaving full time employment. By joining another company is not going to help me achieve this. It is going to take me further away from what I want instead. When someone pays you more, you are expected to work harder.
      I prefer to work harder for myself. Time, flexibility and freedom is what I hope to achieve. I started teaching art on weekends for the past couple of years. I am also into freelance designing. Hopefully I am able establish more contacts along the way and be able leave full-time employment in time to come. I am also very interested in doing business online. I think opportunities are limitless to those who try.

    • Mrcoolku

      I am fresh graduate and now work as temporary teacher. I like the subject i teach now as it is stress free subject, PJK. Many of my friends laughing at me for a degree holder to teach such subject. But i don’t mind as the salary is the same as other stress subject teachers. XD
      I am finding ways to be self employed as I never want to struggle in the 9-5 jobs. (I worked as temporary teacher to have some money for living and as a modal to start my first investment next year). I have so many real life example of people who work so hard just to make the end months meet. In cooperate ladder, more higher you are, more stressful you will be, less happiness you own.
      As for making money idea, I think earn money online is a trend in future and worth trying as the money you need to set up a website is not large compare setting up a business.
      Hope can have a chance to read this book free and it will be my book of the month too. I am practicing to read a book each months. Knowledge is your most precious asset. XD

    • subashini sugumaran

      Hai… we neet to study allot to gain our knowledge, no matter the book in english or malay.
      Actually im accounting background student. Worked in a company only for 2months – i have decided that im not a person to be a employee.
      The next month i quick my job and join with my father in his business (Travel Agency). Both of us starts to plan to organise the company to success. Actually my age is his experiance and i have some studied knowledge in finance part. So we starts moving towards our goal.
      Im actually working harder now coz, each transaction is a money for me. In actual speaking, employee life is we work hard to gain money for our boss but in self employed life, im working hard to earn money for my self – i would work more to gain more.
      Im self employed life – we can have lot of free time. We can hire ppl to do all the work and we can just monitor them and focus on future.
      Kc has mention this in his book – outsourcing – thats what i have implement in my business and success. i have more time to concerntrate on other thing.
      Currently i have stared my 2nd business a car showroom. I have also success in that business and now planning for my next business.
      The only thing we need a financial support to start business, and need financial klowledge – thank god i have knowledge in accounts and finance.


      Hi KC,

      In my humble opinion,the mandatory of be self-employed we should have enough of persistence because being self-employed and being employed are totally different.Firsty,A person should reset & refresh themselves to have a correct mindset otherwise whatever business started it can be failed easily.After that,always don’t hesitate to build our netowork because a network will decide how far our business can go in the future times! Lastly,we must have good self-discipline like time managment skill,goal setting to keep us on the right track while self-employed ^_^”

      Money making idea:-
      1.Always aware of problems & matters happened around of us to do some brain-stroming for solutions and converts it into business opportunity(eg:Let say recently are popular with H1N1,we can create a solution example like selling masks to others to protect from H1N1 virus to generated some money as well $_$)
      2.Always read on newspaper because newspapers are the media which is always expose the problems & matters faced by majority people in order to apply idea#1 😀
      3.Always aware on advertisment around of us to update on the latest social issue in order to get some money-making ideas
      4.Always knews more friends & partners to grow our network(who know they might be our joint-venture in future 😀 )
      5.Always learning more to accumulate our knowledge like read books,attend seminar,surfing blog like LOL and this should be the most important and never stop learning until the day we stop breathing !! (who knows you might get some inspiration regarding to money-making idea from reading ^_^)

      Thats all for today,i hope everyone can benefit from my silly comments today hehe

      Thanks 😀

      Best Regard

    • Gerald

      Working for people is never the way out of life. I don’t see any really successful people by working for others. The only was is to design my life in my own hands – i must take charged of my success. In this era, the world has become so competitive that business owner can be easily knocked out. I believe that now-a-days, it is ideas that will make a business different from others. There are many money making ideas. All it require for a business to boom is to be just a little different from others. But remember, do what you love and it will always be different from a job.

      An idea is automobile advise. Through providing sound advice to visitors wondering how to solve a problem with their current automobile or whether or not to purchase a certain year or
      make of automobile, you have the opportunity to develop a nice little business. If you offer your visitors quality auto advice, they will return to your site again and again to see how your advice can help them to maintain a better, longer lasting automobile. Your main source of income will be from selling banner advertising on your site to businesses that share the same target market—automobile retailers, used car dealers, after-sale product suppliers, and auto parts suppliers. Since this type of business targets individuals interested in automobiles, you are providing an optimal banner advertising opportunity for all businesses in the auto

      This is what i called, putting knowledge to make money.

    • Shakila

      i quit my job in 2007 n started my company with 3 other frens. 1st 6-7 mths was very rough. by beginning of 2nd year, 2 partners left coz couldnt cope – money 2 tight. then s’how me n my partner bounced back n did well. paid off all our debts and started seeing profit. Then bang – economy crisis hit. In the middle of that my partner had to leave the country (foreigner) coz the immigration kept rejecting his work permit. Now I am pretty much on my own, wondering whether to continue or just close shop. The lessons i learnt:
      1. Resilience – failure is not an option
      2. Hardwork – the harder you work, the luckier you get
      3. A little bit of good old luck doesnt hurt!
      My partner whose away is suggesting we close shop but i havent decided. The first few years of starting a biz is always rough. Now the big question for me to answer and act on is to go on or not… In the midst of all these, i am holding my head up high and setting my sight at the light at the end of the tunnel. So, this story ….to be continued. Hahaha!! (Thanks Lau – for this avenue to channel my thots)

    • donna

      Hi KC,

      I am the first to comment and hope I can get this book. ( grin) I have your book and will read it every year (this kind of book is like a financial bible to me)
      I wish Zulkifli have this book in english but nevermind I can still read malay book and wish I can learn more from him. I am still a full time employee but at the same time I have just started own part time business. What I think about quiting my current job? I am in my 30s and is still busy accumulating wealth.Currently, I have a house, an apartment and investing in Unit Trust. I will sure quit my job when I am ready ( when I don’t think too much about money and can live comfortable with what I have). Keep writing, a second book perhaps?

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