A newspaper report caught my eye back in April with the title “Having a rich hubby matters: Ex-beauty queen.” A former Singaporean beauty queen admitted that she would not mind marrying an unattractive man with the condition that he is rich.

Singaporean women prefer men who have money over men who are good looking. This is the result of an online television survey conducted in Singapore. The women choose to have financial stability and a good lifestyle with the chosen man. A man who can meet the woman’s financial expectation has a better chance of being accepted by her. Therefore, the vote is for financial capability over good looks.

Women in the UK

A research done in the UK in 2006 however, discovered that a man’s good looks (physical attractiveness) rates higher than the man’s financial standing provided that the woman is making more money herself. Previously, the majority of women tend to prefer wealthy men. As women become more financially stable or financially independent, their preferences have changed. Hence, they prefer a physically attractive man over his net worth. However, for those women who have less control over their finances, they still prefer a man who is financially stable than one with good looks.
Personally I think that women are more realistic now and take into consideration an important life factor like money when choosing a potential partner. I believe a woman would consider other important aspects as well such as compatibility when choosing a life partner. I have yet to meet someone that got married based on the “money factor” alone. In a lot of cases, couples tie the knot because of love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together as reported in a separate research done by a UK bank in 2008, which showed that nine out of 10 women would choose love and happiness over money.

What about the men?

Well, past surveys showed that men want good-looking women. There’s no harm to having money though as it was reported that British men (88 percent) are happy to be dating women who earn more than them.

What about you, what is your priority when looking for a potential partner? Is it someone with money, good looks or both?
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    6 replies to "Women: Money does matter"

    • Phil

      I agreed that money does matter to ensure financial security for a couple. Besides money, I guess individual confidence, knowledge & wisdom could help to reduce the influence of money & secure a longer term relation.

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    • Brian H.

      I know for a fact that if I’d married for money or my wife had married for money, we’d no longer be married, for the money is now all gone.

    • Jacquelyn

      Well said Sayeed! I believe you and your wife make a great couple!

    • sayeed

      Hi Jacq;
      This is far beyond mankind, no matter how much women have grown out of their traditional home maker to find equality with men, men still stands as provider in Asian countries thus far. So it is nothing wrong for a women to search for a guy who is stable in his career and is “ok” to do rather than really wealthy.
      I am a believer of LOVE but the truth is after LOVE comes SURVIVAL and that makes or breaks the LOVE that we talk about, so women looks for wealthy and healthy man is logic.
      I don’t know about other men, for me women that I always wanted a women who is brainy in terms of life situations resolutions. She should be able to handle situations, productive (in life matters and not babies) and bounce back whenever there is a challenge…and that comes with education. Now when it comes to work, i didn’t really bother if she would want to work or stay at home. But I am also against wifes who just stay at home nothing to do…that makes them “karat” (rusted).
      Of course men wants to come home with a smiling wife inviting them in, that makes our day, really!!
      My wife and I are like friends till now (20yrs, 14 years married + 6 years known each other). We have issues to be discussed together and make financial and family decisions together.
      So for me, women asking for a stable / secured guy (in other words rich) is nothing wrong. For men, they need a companion, that’s all.
      That doesn’t mean poor guys shouldn’t get married, I got married when I was poor and now stabilized better becoz when it comes to family, it comes to $$ for survival.

    • Knowthymoney

      This is in tandem with the theory of survival if the fittest..in modern world, wealthy means means strength and fit.. Money talks 🙂 so I am not surprised at all at the report

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