It is coming to the end of the 2008.

I would like to ask your participation to suggest the topics that I should cover in 2009.

Please kindly use the comment form below to write your suggestion. This won’t be limited to topic only. You can voice out anything that you think I should improve.

(and please don’t be too nasty ok?)

Note: You just need an extra step to claim an exclusive management diary after you make the comment – contact me and provide the same comment and your mailing address. It takes RM3 worth of stamps to mail out the diary within Malaysia.  I will give it to anyone who made the constructive comments and suggestions. First come first serve.


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    10 replies to "Topics Suggestion for this blog"

    • pf

      I hope you can provide us information on forex trading – guide and priciple, online trading etc.

    • marxy

      KC, just teach us Ten (sure-fire and practical) Ways on How to Spend RM1 As If It Is RM2!

      I suppose all of us (readers) wish to know!

      I am not nasty.:p


      I hope you will talk more about the differences between conventional life insurance and investment-linked life insurance. Which life insurance is better in terms of amount of protection, level of premium, return in the future and so on. Why investment-linked life insurance was very popular in the market in general before the world economy faces crisis? Thanks…

    • GiapSeng

      Something about debt management? (Credit card, business loan, housing loan, share margin, etc)

      Or analysis or comparison on some of the housing loans we have in the market? Or on techniques on mortgage reductions on housing loan.

      Or on how one can leverage on investment.

    • hafiz


      Due to current situation where inflation is high and banks just printing money like no end, i foresee there will be a problem in money market. Thus I would like you to elaborate more on gold investment. how to invest, risk involves, tips & tricks, etc; so that my saving for retirement will not depreciate over time.

    • Emily

      Something about Online Business ?

    • GiapSeng

      Good blog. I come to your web site from after reading your book.

      Can you help to illustrate more also on the difference between an Endowment and Children Education Insurance Policies?

      Can you illustrate the insurance cost between these 2 policies (I assume children education policy with rider is more expensive)?

      For me, buying a child education insurance is purely for tax deduction purposes. I have the opinion that the insurance should be covering the bread winner of the house hold.


    • Hong

      I hope you will cover more stories on the investment outlook & opportunities for 2009.

      As a general common sense, when market is underperforming, it’s usually a good time to invest. Probably, u can highlight what are the investment tools from highest risk(return) to medium risk e.g. gold, what are the potential stocks, unit trusts, investment-linked, etc.


    • mtsen

      I am eager to know the whole story on this blog, focus on the emotional part before u start, and then just started, then from time to time when readership drops what you do continously to keep this blog as good as now for the past 3 years.

    • The 8th Voyager

      1. How to survive from a retrenchment

      2. Income tax 2009 tips and tricks

      3. EPF contribution – 8% or 11%?

      4. Refinancing the house loan

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