So, you want to start a cafe?

Perhaps, at this moment, you’re already in the midst of putting up a business plan to start your dream cafe. It is no easy feat as there is a lot to consider. One of them is the desired location of your cafe. This is crucial as location will determine the success of your cafe in the long run.

However, searching for an ideal spot is usually not a walk in the park. Often, it is a stumbling block which puts a distance between an inspired dream to achieving the reality of owning a thriving cafe. Here, I’ll share 5 simple tips which are helpful to find the perfect place to start your cafe.

Tip #1: Look Beyond Matured Townships

At first sight, it seems logical to start your search in matured townships in the Klang Valley. This includes populated areas in Bangsar, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya. You’ll find many independent cafe owners, food & beverage outlets and international brands such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean operating in shopping malls, office buildings, colleges and universities in these townships.

The pros and cons are obvious. Let us start with the positives. First, these places are already highly populated. Second, their residents are willing to spend money on coffee. Meanwhile, the negatives include high cost to occupying a spot to set up your cafe and intense competition among existing operators. It is simply the survival of the fittest.

Tip #2: Find Growing Locations

Instead, it is a viable option to search for places which are located close to these matured townships. Often, these places are hidden gems which possess huge potential to grow as they would benefit from the spillover effect from overpopulated matured townships.

For instance, you may ask, ‘If I can drive 5 minutes away from Subang Jaya, where would it be?’ Most likely, you will be able to map out several potential spots which are close to the prime location. You will not only be able to tap onto the prime location’s reputation but also save cost for occupying the retail spaces.

Tip #3: Low Supply, High Demand

Let us take Subang Jaya as an example.

Most residents of Subang Jaya are residing in USJ, a matured neighbourhood. It’s a huge area. If you stay in USJ 2 – USJ 9, you may take a 10-minute drive to vibrant areas such as SS15 and Bandar Sunway to shop, dine, and have coffee. This is because prime shopping malls, colleges, universities and office towers are located in these places.

However, if you stay in USJ 11 – USJ 27, you may need take as much as 30-minute drive to SS15 or Bandar Sunway. It is inconvenient. This is because, firstly, you have to drive pass through many traffic lights. Secondly, the traffic is always congested especially during peak hours.

You may be wondering, ‘Aren’t there any other choices where residents can shop, dine and have coffee?’

Let us explore further. Basically, there are several options. First, we have Taipan which is USJ 10. It is a thriving commercial area which is, once again, overpopulated. Second, we have three smaller neighbourhood malls. They include USJ 19 Mall, the Main Place and One City.

Still, there is a lot of rooms for growth. This is because, in addition to USJ, the number of residents living within the vicinity is huge if we include Putra Heights. It is another huge matured neighbourhood without a single shopping mall. As a result, in between USJ and Putra Heights, I would conclude:

Demand = Tens of Thousands of Residents

Supply = Limited Shopping Malls & Retail Outlets

Tip #4: Are there any New Property Projects?

Moving on, I would be looking out for any new property projects within the vicinity. This is important as these projects would not only change the landscape of the area but also signifies its potential growth into the future.

At the moment, the Sekitar26 project is the most obvious upcoming development. It is an integrated development where the first phase was involved in the development of 38 units of three-storey semi-detached industrial units and 1 unit of three-storey detached unit catered to SMEs. It’s known as Sekitar26 Business.

The second phase is known as Sekitar26 Enterprise. It is located across Proton and is very visible as you drive along Persiaran Kuala Selangor. Sekitar26 Enterprise is designed to be a modern and hip commercial hub located right at the heart of the industrial zone.

The commercial hub will consists of shop offices and office spaces. The shop offices are for sale while the office spaces would be reserved to the developer for working spaces and future uses. It has the Banyan Tree Courtyard and a communal garden which are leisure areas where people can meet up, walk around and have casual chats.

Imagine, if I’m working nearby, I can choose to relax, dine and have coffee in the vicinity. I do not need to drive to enjoy some simple leisure of life. This would be so much convenient. Thus, if I have the intention to start a cafe, I would probably check out the Sekitar26 Enterprise project which leads us to tip #5.

Tip #5: Check the Reputation of the Developer

I believe it is assuring to know that the property project is developed by a reputable developer. Thus, I’ll probe in deeper. From which, I’ve discovered that Paramount Property is the developer of Sekitar26 Enterprise.

Paramount Property is the property arm of Paramount Corporation Bhd, a public-listed company in Malaysia. It has more than 35 years track record in the property development industry in Malaysia. Some of their notable projects include Paramount Utropolis in Glenmarie, Greenwoods in Salak Perdana, Kemuning Utama in Shah Alam and Sejati Residences in Cyberjaya.

What’s Next?

In this case, I’ll probably list down Sekitar26 Enterprise as a potential location to set up my cafe. From which, there are more to be discovered. This includes the project’s master plan, site plan, floor plan, features, and pricing details. For more information, you may check out its:

  1. Website –
  2. Sales Gallery
    Address: Lot 94, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13,
    46200 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor D.E.
    Waze: Paramount Property Gallery
  3. Contact Number – 012 – 422 0438

What if Sekitar26 Enterprise is not the ideal location for your cafe?

Then, you may apply the 5 tips mentioned above as a guide to help you find a suitable location for your cafe. The key here is for you to keep looking, hunting, and surveying until you find yourself the right spot at the right price. To conclude, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the very best for your plans on setting up your dream cafe.

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