This is a guest post by a philantrophist tycoon, Mr. Koon Yew Yin. You can read about his recent stock recommendation here.

Mr. Koon Yew Yin, a very successful Malaysian investor and businessman

This content is the speech during DAP dinner on 30th April 2011.

1. I am not a politician. But I know politics is very important because it affects you and your children. I want to help you win the coming election. I have already donated Rm 100,000 during your last dinner to celebrate Lim Kit Siang’s 70th Birthday, a few months ago.

I put my money where my mouth is. Many people would grumble and complain about B N government’s corruptions, abuse of power and Chinese cannot get university places and also employment in the civil services, etc but they dare not come forward to support Pakatan Rakyat to change the Government.

I hope my coming forward openly will encourage many people to show support. Your party needs money and I hope you all will donate as much as you can afford.

2. You must bear in mind that the population of the non Malays is relatively small, even all non Malays vote for the P R and without Malays winning some seats, Pakatan Ryakyat cannot control the Perak State Government or Putra Jaya. After tonight’s dinner, I would like each of you to make a serious effort to make friend with at least one Malay and convince him to vote for PR.

3. I wish to remind you that in the last Gen Election, PR won control of Perak, but lost control because a few frogs jumped over to BN. On your table you will read my article ‘Restore democracy to Perak: appeal to Sultan Aslan Shah’, but the Sultan did not dissolve the State Assembly as I requested. In the next election, you must make sure we can win a lot more seats to regain control.

4. Many of you would have heard about UTAR in Kampar rejected my Rm 30 M donation offer to build hostels to help students because the MCA leaders who own the land outside the University campus do not want me to disturb their very profitable rental business. There are 12,500 students and each of them pays Rm 200 per month and the total monthly rental income is about Rm 2.5 million or Rm30 m a year. They cannot build fast enough to cater for the yearly students increase. Remember the greedy MCA leaders will continue to suck your blood.

5. MCA has been in the BN government since Merdeka more than 54 years ago. Did MCA ever dare to criticise UMNO to protect non Malays’ interest? Now the World Bank has reported 2 days ago that a large number of non Malayshave migrated to Singapore, UK, Australia etc due to unfair treatment. 4 of my 5 children have gone out of the country to find work. I am sure some of you and your friends have children migrated overseas simply because we are called ‘PENDATAN’, visitors.

6. I have given scholarships to 80 poor students whose parents are earning less than Rm 2,000 per month. If you know of any poor parent who needs scholarships please contact my assistant Dr. Jeffrey Yee, 012-5286696. He graduated with a PhD from Cambridge, He will address you in Mandarin.

Thank you
Koon Yew Yin
DAP dinner speech on 30th April 2011


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    3 replies to "RM30 million donation rejected and scholarship for the poor."

    • Green Dragon

      Mr. KOON is wrong.

      The Malaysian Chinese citizen numbers 8.5 million (7.5 million within Malaya & Borneo) plus the Chinese Peranakan is estimated at 2 to 2.5 million. That makes 10.5 to 11 million. (Singapore has only 3 million Chinese citizen, rest PR, Vijaya Malays or Indian breeds)

      That makes 14 million.

      Do study the information available in your local stats as reported in the media. There is 1.6 million legal foreign workers, 3 million refugees, illegals, undocumented people in Borneo, there are >3 million Bangla, Java illegals, overstayers, refugees in the peninsular & 500,000 non Singaporean or Malaysian in Singapore)

      That makes 8 million non citizens, many waiting to be arrested, remanded, repatriated. Problem is remand & penal capacity is 60,000. About 1/3 is used for this purpose. Our MoT, MoFWA, MoE all thinking up new laws to imprison our citizens including 13 for animal abuse this year? Come on 95% of the population eat MEAT!!!

      11 million + 8 million = 18 million.
      We have 4 million Indians, Indian hybrids, Moghuls (Mongol hybrid aristocracy in Perlis & Kedah)

      11 million (chinese) + 8 million (non citizens)+ 4 million (Indian & Moghuls) + 4 million (singapore)

      =28 million
      36 million in Malaya, Singapore & Borneo.

      That leaves only 2 million Borneo documented natives, 4 million Patani & 2 million Vijaya Malays.

      Chinese is THE MAJORITY citizen. For sake of harmony, the MCA hides it and support the Vijaya Malays as civil servants with support of hybrid Chinese & Indians.

      As for University students, BURSARY, SCHOLARSHIP and Part Time works is available.

      Promoters can earn $2k to $3k a month, Tuition teachers can earn $300 to $500 per child.

      Staying off campus build a comrade network much like TAR college and benefits persons career.

      Dont listen without analysing information

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    • Mr Ah Beng

      I now how bad is the situation in our Govt but many dumb dumb stil not awake yet. Personally i think money is not the biggest issue here, but it stil do some good if you have it. Well I think there is still not much teamwork and understanding between the oppositions. Whenever there is a disagreement between them, there is a chance for controlled media to publicise and bad mouth it. So work it out in closed=doors till everything is ok. Second, they made too highly ambitious promises, where-by the G knows that most of it is not reachable at the mean time. So when after a while, the G will slowly pin-point all the promises that cant be materialised to the public and be called a liar. All they have to do is sit & wait. Well there are plenty more but my fingers are getting lazy. ^.^

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