Money = Happiness

I have always believe in the equation above until I reach a point where no matter how much money I have, I could never reach the “total happiness” that I dream about often. I bet each and every one of you has gone through a similar experience like me.

For example, when you were in your early 20’s, having a RM4000 salary per month plus RM100,000 in savings would be the ultimate goal to make you happy. Several years later, these amounts do not seem enough and instead you set a higher target. Let’s say earning RM6000 per month and having RM500,000 to your name. This would definitely raise the level of your happiness, right? Not necessarily.

In a survey done in the USA, people who made $10,000 a year were asked the question, “Who is wealthy and happy?” The response was “People who is making $50,000 a year.” Next, the people who made $50,000 a year were asked the same question. Their response was “People making $100,000 a year.” What do you think the response of the people who made $200,000 a year? Their response was “People making a few millions a year.”

Well, you get the picture. People tend to keep pushing the bar higher and higher which is what most of us do and this is what I do as well.

The real happiness

A person by the name of Dan Baker, Ph.D., stated that “happiness is a side effect of living life in a certain way.”

Happiness is not about getting more money or more things. Happiness is not in the things that you obtained using your money. You will actually find happiness when you live well in your own condition or situation and living a meaningful and fulfilling life. A person needs more than money or things to be happy such as having love, health, spirituality, humor, purpose, optimism, etc. All these characteristics are closely associated with happiness.

Therefore, I have conscientiously stop associating happiness with money and giving equal importance to other aspects to ensure living a balance and meaningful life. If you have money but lack certain things like love and a fulfilling relationship with your family, life will certainly not be as happy and joyful as you want it to be.

Hence if you have been doing the same thing, equating money with real happiness, it is time to stop.

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    9 replies to "Money Equals Happiness"

    • Ya you are right that happiness is not a thing to compare with money but you can not deny the fact that if you don’t have money for several days, this can disturb your happiness certainly.

    • Sayeed

      My thoughts : “Money surely is not happiness, but getting happiness is about what you can get from the money you have”.
      I started off with a degree from local university, married my Univ girlfriend. We were very happy, but the only thing that came between our happiness and enjoying life was $$.
      This is a common scenario among married couples. I read in many articles and news that one of the top reason of divorce rates were finances and security.
      I grew up believing money is EVIL. But when the rubber hits the road, we know we need $$ to get what we want!!. Maybe sounding materialistic, that we ought to have $$ to enjoy life, but how would we be happy if we are expected to make the banks happy.
      How did I turn around my “$$ is EVIL” thing….get financial education and be $$ savvy to make correct decision so that it’s not the $$ that rules us but we “make use” of the $$ to lead our lives happily ever after…..:)

    • noordinbakar

      I agree when some people say that money is just a thing and has no power on anyone. Surely money cannot buy happiness, relationship etc. It just a thing that we use to acquire something else. And that something else is in physical forms.

      However we need suitable amount of money to live in to day’s world. I dont think a woman would mary someone who has no money even for himself.
      Thus money has the potential, as a tool, to attain happiness etc.

    • Woon Lip Fuey

      I do also set my target base on money, and strongly think that money can bring me happiness, because i did suffer a lot of poor. A lot of money can suspend my mother from unstable working condition, keep away my family from financial burden.
      But undeniable, money not guarantee happiness, but for me, money insure life and saturate the spirit, plenty of cash bring me confident no matter in social, walking into the shop lot, everything. But I know this kind of though isn’t right for my own, but its truly bring me what I want.
      But one thing i think that, Greedy lead to the breakthrough individually, but it needs to be under controlled.
      And another point is. no matter rich or poor, people will suffer sadness and sorrow, but I think poverty suffer more than richness, don ya think?

      Anyway, thanks for sharing..^^ and I also just for sharing, hope my objection won’t let you down..

      • Kc Lau

        Yeah .. money gives you options.

    • Mohd Tarmizi Shuib

      it is true that money can’t buy happiness to some degree. 10 years ago, I’ve set same goal of achieving certain amount of saving and have few properties. I did reach the target, yet the things you envisioned previously , the so called happiness wasn’t 100% there. I’ve set new target: to double the amount I’ve set the last time.. Would I be happy if I manage to get there down the line. May be not. Maybe helping the poor, doing voluntary work for the community will be more meaningful to life than just money. It is ok to be rich with money but that’s not the ultimate…

      • Kc Lau

        I agree that money can buy a lot of things. But not necessary happiness.
        Money may give you short term happiness. To get long and lasting happiness, there are many other factors involved such as love, relationship, mental health and spiritual achievement.

    • Kathy

      How to receive more understanding on money management.

    • Munib Ahmad

      Mr KC lau

      i strongly agree with your opinion

      people today always set up their goals based on money, for example to have RM 1mil before 30..but they doesnt do it for family matter such as to have number of babies, or to strengthen the relationship between relatives and so on…

      everyday’s topic is always about money

      im afraid were getting more materialistic

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