Two ways to deal with adversity, both starts from a shift in the mindset, one that will surely move us closer to the truth.

First, see adversity as the necessary fuel for our growth. Fortunately, we can find adversity everywhere around us and they are available free of charge! Its not uncommon that people pay money to buy adversities when they join a gym or hire a personal fitness trainer. The good news is we really don’t have to pay money for adversities. You name it, your world has it!

Second, the first way above is of course easier said than done. Hence, we need something bigger than self-interest to keep us focus so that the adversities and obstacles along the way would seem trivial in the face of ‘it’ all.

That ‘it’ is our WHY, our PURPOSE or RAISON D’ETRE. Although many think that self-interest, greed and personal desire drive us to do all that we are doing, they are only half right.

Believe it or not, if you do something other than for yourself, it will drive you further than you can imagine. Doing it for yourself, you can achieve XX amount of accomplishments. Doing it for your children, you suddenly realise that you can achieve XXXX.

Try doing it for more people, for your community or the world, before you know it, you have done XXXXXX and still counting. When you have a STRONG SENSE of PURPOSE, adversities and obstacles are not even in the equation anymore!

Now that you know what you need to tell your mind – shift your mindset. It’s not enough. The next step is how to tell it to your mind so that it will stick? We then need to develop right habits.

Right habits means right goals. Goals in the smallest denomination that they are not even called goals anymore. They are none other than HABITS.

Everyday, live and repeat the RIGHT habits. That means you achieve your goals. If we cannot even achieve our daily habits/goals, what hope have we to achieve bigger goals. Bigger goals are still made of many many tiny little habits/goals.

Our lives, no matter how old we are now, are made one day at a time.

This article is contributed by Ken Soong, who currently lives in Australia – migrated from Malaysia in 2004. He has been a college lecturer and an occasional university tutor in strategic management and marketing subjects since 2006. He enjoys reading, writing blog posts and spending time at home.

Ken, along with his brother Michael, wrote Migrating to Australia: Good Meh??? to help Malaysians make a more informed decision in the subject matter of migration to Australia.

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