Celcom, Malaysia’s No. 1 mobile operator is also Malaysia’s No. 1 BlackBerry® provider offering the best BlackBerry® smart phones and plans. Owning a BlackBerry® means convenience on the go, helping you to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Receive and check emails from personal and business accounts, view the attachments, browse or surf the net, send instant messages or chat or SMS and last but not least, make and receive phone calls. Do all these with the convenience of one mobile phone, the BlackBerry®.

Wishing to own one? Then check out the latest new Blackberry® TorchTM 9800 from Celcom Exec. It is the first smart phone with a BlackBerry® keyboard and a full 3.2 inch touch screen. It also delivers other great features such as:

• Maximized multimedia

Enjoy 8 GB of memory, expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card. You can get zoom effect and sensational music plus the capability to view full album art and track listings either in portrait or landscape.

• 5 MP camera

Enjoy ease of use as it comes with continuous auto-focus, flash, image stabilization, 11 photo modes as well as video recording.

• Integrated social feeds

Enjoy accessing and updating all your favorite social networks like Facebook, Linkedln and Buzzd via a single post. Furthermore, you can group and filter your networking activity in one view.

• Faster, richer browsing

Enjoy the ease of multi-tasking and managing multiple open websites with tabbed browsing. In addition, you can bookmark all important sites with branded icons or customizable names from the home screen.

Expensive, unaffordable, unattainable and unavailable?

Not quite, Celcom will be launching the Blackberry® TorchTM 9800 on 29 October 2010. If you are one of the 1st 100 customers to pre-register and make a purchase, you get the following rewards exclusively with Celcom Exec Postpaid plan:

*FREE Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM125
*FREE Mircro SD Card worth RM68
*FREE Energizer Portable worth RM58

The best plan for your BlackBerry® – Celcom Exec 50

Celcom Exec Postpaid plan gives you a great package with an uncompromising service. Celcom gives the fastest, widest and clearest mobile network providing you with quality optimum usage for your BlackBerry® . Celcom Exec 50 plan offers you these advantages for a low monthly fee of RM50.

Other benefits that come with the Celcom Exec 50 plan are:

• Enjoy automatic discounts up to 30% every month
• Get 15 sen call rate to any number, anytime and anywhere
• Earn greater savings when you use more of your BlackBerry®, talk more and save more, a win-win deal for you
• FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for one month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps

Can’t wait to join this selective group, pre-register now to get your own personal Blackberry® TorchTM 9800 at http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec/blackberry/bbtorch9800.register.php

Don’t forget about the fabulous freebies if you are one of the 1st 100 customers to pre-register and get the new Blackberry® TorchTM 9800. Don’t miss out on a super deal. Log on to www.celcom.com.my to find out more about Celcom Exec customized postpaid plans.

This is a sponsored post by Celcom.


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