Here is a way to have your life insurance policy paid for by your investment.

Let us say, we have Timmy, a 30-year old Engineer working for a local firm. Over his years of employment, Timmy has stashed aside RM 30,000 in cash where he intends to invest for passive income.

After some due diligence, Timmy has decided to invest all of his RM 30,000 into a portfolio of dividend stocks, where he earns an average dividend yield of 5% a year. This equals to RM 1,500 a year or RM 125 a month in dividend income. He can choose to use his dividends to buy himself a new life insurance policy, thus, adding a whopping RM 1,000,000 to his existing life insurance cover.

If you read this, you may wonder, ‘Is the above possible as you may believe that life insurance is expensive?’

Well, it is not. That is why I’ve brought in Encik Malek Ali, Founder of Fi Life, the largest online life insurance platform in Malaysia to share how all of us can save 20% – 50% of life insurance premiums and use that amount saved to invest to build your financial future with term insurance.

You will discover:

– The Mantra Behind ‘Buy Term and Invest The Rest’
– Term Insurance vs Investment-Linked Insurance
– How Not to Overpay for Your Next Life Insurance Policy?
– How to Boost Your Life Insurance Cover Significantly with Term Insurance?
– Get RM 500,000 in Life Coverage with as little as a Cup of Teh Tarik a Day

20% First-Year Premium Discount

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    3 replies to "How to Save Cost and Boost Life Insurance Cover Significantly with Fi Life?"

    • Keng Hong Ng 

      Hi KC Lau, is there any minimum cash value for withdrawal? Say when policy holder decide to stop the policy in the middle (after 10 years) or when the policy due (for a 25 years of policy).
      Look forward to your feedback.

      • KCLau 

        Fi-Life term policy don’t have cash value.

        • Keng Hong Ng 

          Thanks KCLau

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