You can be a power user of credit cards so that you can live a richer lifestyle without killing your finances. If you are fresh from college, you will find tips on what to do and what not to do when you get your credit cards. Also, if you’d been using credit cards responsibly for the longest time, you might discover some tricks of using credit cards as a ‘Power User’ to boost the quality of your lifestyle.

What you will find out from this webinar:

– 6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Credit Cards.
– 4 Must-Dos to be a Responsible Credit Card User.
– Should You Apply for a Credit Card after landing your first job?
– How to Live a Richer Life by Being a Power User of Credit Cards?
– Terms & Conditions to Look Out for.


Financial educator, author and trainer

    4 replies to "Credit Card A-Z: How to be a Power User"

    • Ying Hui Yong 

      HI KC, Thank you for all the useful tips. I have this perception that having high credit limit ‘holds up’ or occupy my overall credit line and would affect the amount I may get on other loans such as mortgage. Is this true and any advice on this?

      • KCLau 

        High credit limit is good for your credit score.
        As for mortgage approval, that depends on each bank’s underwriting policy.
        It is sort of a “black box”, only the bank’s mortgage underwriter will know the details.

    • Chuah Hee Jihn 

      Hi KC, how would you justify getting a credit card with annual fee and if the annual fee is worth for the benefit? My guess is that if the benefit using using the card is greater, then it is worth getting it, but in the video you mentioned that you have some cards with annual fee but did not used them frequently. Thank you!

      • KCLau 

        I do have some cards that I don’t frequently use and have to pay annual fee.
        I didn’t cancel them because the credit limit gives me better credit score.

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