If you are running a SME, how much time and energy do you spend on finance, accounting, auditing and tax functions in your business today?

Are you receiving critical financial data and information fast enough in order for you to make better commercial decisions faster?

Personally, as a business owner, I would definitely be on the lookout for ways to boost productivity, save time, lower cost, and make timely strategic decisions in response to the current situation in the marketplace. These are all only possible if the accounting is good.

In this session, Bryan Soong, the founder of Biztory, a leading cloud accounting software company in Malaysia shared the following:

  • Definition of Cloud Accounting
  • How is Cloud Accounting Different from Traditional Ways of Accounting?
  • How to Save Time and Improve Business Efficiency with Cloud Accounting?
  • Could Cloud Accounting help SMEs make Better Commercial Decisions?
  • Demonstrations. Illustrations. FAQs and so much more … etc.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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