The first time I met Dr. Peter Yee at his house, I was very impressed with what he had achieved. He showed me around his spacious bungalow, nicely decorated. And I remembered vividly what he said — “I paid for all these with the money I made from properties – the house, the Mercedes, everything!”

That was ten years ago.

So there is no doubt in my mind that property investment is one of the common ways to build wealth. I have seen many people make it.

Fast forward today, when I found that Dr. Peter wrote a new book titled Property Investment Wisdom, I reached out to invite him to share more with you.

You will discover:

  • Is the Worst Over for Our Property Market in Malaysia?
  • How Will Our Property Market Progress in 2022 and Beyond?
  • What are the Key Factors that Influence Property Prices in Malaysia?
  • Key Real Estate Opportunities to Capitalize on in 2022
  • Live Discussions. Q&A. And Many More.


Financial educator, author and trainer

    5 replies to "Property Outlook and Investment Strategies in Malaysia for 2022 with Dr. Peter Yee"

    • sai sam 

      Hi KC Lau,

      How do i access to the full webinar session??
      DO u mind share the link below

      • KCLau 

        Hi Sam, the full recording and notes are only available to paid members of PWM.
        You can find out more details here.

    • Kar Chun Lye 

      May I ask in other public speakers saying that condo is a good investment but based on Peter it seems like only landed property is the best option to invest. May I know what are Peter’s thought on condo as people are not buying the land but the accessibility and the lifestyle.

      • Kar Chun Lye 

        especially under construction condo

      • KCLau 

        Condo can be a viable investment too. Different properties have different features.
        There are investors who invest solely in condo/apartments.
        However, Dr Peter Yee prefers landed only. You can contact him

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