Two things are certain in life.

The first is taxes and the second is death.

Perhaps, as you read, you could be preparing a funeral for a loved-one who has a foreseeable ‘expiry date’. Or, you could be thinking way ahead and wish to get yours prepared in advance. So, the questions are: ‘How to go about it? Would it be better to prep it up in advance or just think about it much later in life?’

Here, I’ve invited Ernest Tham, a Holistic Life Planner & Founder of Ernest Tham Advisory Group to share his insights on how to make plans for it. So when it happens, the funeral shall be carried out smoothly and according to the wishes of the loved-one.

You will discover about:

– Complications arising from an Unplanned Funeral
– What needs to be done in a Funeral?
– Are funeral services expensive and how best to save cost?
– 6 Major Memorial Gardens in the Klang Valley
– What are the Different Funeral Packages Available to be Chosen?


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