40 years ago, there was a man who worked as a civil engineer.

With his paycheck, he ventured into the stock market with a hope to earn quick bucks from it. Soon enough, he ended up with losses and had realised the stock market is not a place to trade, gamble, and speculate for easy money.

In the 2000s, the man left his civil engineering career and pursued his studies in the area of personal finance, including his Master-in-Finance in New Zealand. In the period of time, the man had broadened his knowledge about investing. Out of which, he discovered value investing and had improved his investments from the stock market. Today, he believes that an aspiring investor would fare better if he models the philosophies of investing giants such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch … etc.

Who’s that man?

His name is KC Chong, CFP, veteran investor and a popular figure in I3investor, a leading stock market forum in Malaysia.

During the webinar, KC Chong shared about:

– How a young person can achieve financial freedom and get rich
– Opportunities and threats investing in the stock market
– The right path of stock investing
– Invest in quality companies at the right prices
– Successful investment strategies and proper investing mindset


Financial educator, author and trainer

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    • Abdul Nasir Adnan

      Interesting to understand the investment fabrics in an open economy and a more focus to home particularly.

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