I’ve been using a MacBook for years and I’m a proud user and a fan of Apple products.

But, that’s on a personal level.

Today, most corporations (big or small) continue to use Microsoft products. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Windows are still widely used presently. This is despite many other tools that had been introduced over time.

I may not use Microsoft today. But, as an investor, I can’t help but be attracted to its “stickiness” to end-users. That “stickiness” is valuable as it is an asset to value investors.

Thus I have invited Ian Tai, co-Founder of DividendVault.com, to do a case study on Microsoft in our 1-Hour Webinar. Content we covered during the webinar:

  • Key Business Segments & Their Performances
  • Past & Present Financial Results
  • Growth Strategies & Initiatives
  • Valuation Metrics

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Financial Content Machine. Dividend Investor. Produced 500+ Financial Articles featured in KCLau.com in Malaysia and the Fifth Person, Value Invest Asia, and Small Cap Asia in Singapore. Regular Host and Presenter of a Weekly Financial Webinar with KCLau.com. Co-Founded DividendVault.com, an online membership site that empowers retail investors to build a stock portfolio that pays rising dividends year after year in Malaysia and Singapore.

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