100-Bagger. What does it mean?

To investors, a 100-Bagger is a stock that has expanded its shareholders’ wealth by 100 times of his original investment. In other words, for every RM 10,000 he invested into the stock, it has multiplied by 100-folds to RM 1,000,000. As such, the question is this:

‘Is this a myth, or is it attainable via stock investing?’

Author and investor Christopher Mayer did a study and published a book titled 100 Baggers. He found 365 stocks that had produced such return if the investors hold on long enough, doing nothing.

For example, Berkshire Hathaway is a stock that has risen more than 18,000-fold. $10,000 planted there in 1965 turned into an absurdly high $180 million 50 years later.

Well, how do you find the next 100-bagger? Let’s find out together.

In this webinar, I interviewed Christopher Mayer, author of 100-Baggers and Portfolio Manager of the Woodlock House Family Capital Fund to share his insights after studying countless of 100-Baggers in the US market.

It would be an eye-opening session where we discussed:
– How can anybody do this?
– What are the Stocks that achieved 100-baggerdom?
– How to use the Coffee-can Approach?
– What are the twin-engines to return 100-to-1?
– The SQGLP: Ingredients to achieve 100x return.
– The typical public company vs the owner-operator


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