Have you heard of F.I.R.E?

If you have not, it is now becoming a trendy acronym among the financial savvy as ‘Financial Independence, Retire Early’.

Many people, especially millennials, may subscribe to the idea of earning more, saving more and investing more to attain F.I.R.E as soon as possible. Some have achieved it in their early 30s, and are now enjoying a comfortable lifestyle without breaking their bank accounts. To them, gone are the days of clinging on to the idea of working until age 65 before considering retirement.

As impressive as it sounds, is F.I.R.E attainable for you?

In this webinar, we featured Ms Tan Hooi Chee, a licensed financial advisor of Fin Freedom Sdn Bhd to share her insights on retirement planning.

We discussed about:
– Should you plan to retire as early as possible?
– How much do you need to retire?
– How best to safe-keep your retirement funds?

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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