Money is good and it can be bad as well depending on how you see it. Money is good because it can afford you a desired lifestyle and help fund each of your life's goals like getting married and have a family, buying a big house or travelling around the world.

There is no doubt that money has more pros than cons. The bad things associated with money are normally due to men's greed and misused of it.

Money is bad when for example you have to work hard and spend most of your hours slaving to earn that money. There are people who likes working and are self-professed workaholics. It is a matter of choice here. Others have no choice but to toil hard to earn a living.

What's your choice?

The question is, given the choice, would you want to work hard and earn lots of money to afford a high-flying lifestyle or kick back a bit and just have enough to enjoy a moderate lifestyle?

Different people will choose differently depending on one's personal desires or expectations. Your priorities will also dictate the choice that you will make.

I used to wonder why a person, a husband or wife, can choose to work away from home travelling often due to work demands. The immediate impression is of a person who puts work, career and money ahead of the family. I do not make judgments now as I realize that my values and priorities are different from others. I prefer to be able to stay at home and not stray far from the family. I work at a job that does not demand that I travel around. My priorities are having a happy family life and good health, first and foremost.
Fortunately, my spouse has the same viewpoint about work and money. We have enough money to cover for life’s necessities and future funding (by our standards) and at the same time we do not work ourselves to death over money. Of course, we do not get to live a luxurious lifestyle like going on expensive holidays and traveling to exotic places but we do get to enjoy family life together which is our top priority.

So, what is your priority?

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    9 replies to "Money Pros & Cons, What do You Choose?"


      It is totally depending on how a person judge between the value of money and happiness. But one thing for sure, money does not mean everything.

      I personally see a hardworking couples who earn decent income with great job title but their children just don’t like them very much. Reason being this couple prefer to allocate most of their time in their work instead of family. They just use money to compensate their children by buying gifts. For them, work and money may be everything. But they also loss the most valuable relationship which can’t be bought by money. Are they happy now? May be (based on current high income with job achievement). How about future then? It may be a big question mark.

    • Jacquelyn

      Hi Wong,

      I agree with you that money cannot buy happiness. Each of us have to decide what is our priority, what makes us happy and go and get it or work for it.

    • Wong

      haha….look at yourself, instead of others, you will know you have more priority on other things than MONEY only!! Happiness can’t buy with money….

    • Financial Samurai

      This is a really easy one, WORK YOUR BUTT OFF when you have the opportunity to make a lot of money because you never know when that opportunity will go away.

      They balance it out. I have an opportunity now in the finance industry to really build some wealth. I’m not wasting it for the next 10 years b/c I could easily be fired the next day.

      See you at FS one day!

    • Jeffery

      Agree with you….Family first…

    • Jacquelyn

      Hi Joanna,

      The “right” path will be different for everyone. You are right about getting your priorities straight and it seems that you are already ahead of a lot of other people your age. My advice is never to stop learning! Continue to learn and improve your financial wealth.

    • Joanna

      I do agree with you that choice is what that makes the difference in the way that we view value of money. But based on people around me, i think that people at my age or younger (i’m in my mid twenties) still do not know what they really want in life. I think that it is important that we know our priorities early to get us on the right path financially. What’s your advise to us?

    • suraj

      Agree with you man. If you know where you’re going and don’t bother about standards that other people create, then you can go by your own choice happily.

    • mtsen

      Give it another 10 years, money’s evilness normally comes end 30s and 40s …

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