Funny Munnee: Financial Gratitude

Poor people normally spend most of their lives worrying and battering themselves over the negative financial situations. Just like the uncle (hawker) in the above scenario, some people tend to get drowned in the financial miseries despite the positives right under your nose..

How cruel to only engage in the most depressing activities such as impulsive spending…

Financial gratitude is the practice of appreciating the resources at hand instead of focusing on what you do not have yet. Honestly the habit of being ungrateful haunts most people from different walks of life. It sure takes a while or never to notice this very bad vice. It is sort of a blind spot.

Sit down and ask yourself, when was the last time you complained about finances? A couple of seconds, minutes or hours ago I presume. Ever wonder why? Hmm… I for one was a victim of this vice. I was wretchedly unhappy with my work and quite whiny. Together with my colleagues we were always at it. It was like one big whiny fest for us not knowing that we just fed off each others negative energy and sorrow. At this moment, you even tend to get jealous of those people who are happy with their lives.

Had enough? Yeah I know its a very uncomfortable situation to be in. Here are a few remedies you can take to attain financial gratitude:

1. Focus more on what you are succeeding at in life rather than the failures
If you are accustomed to whining and complaining all the time, take some time off and try to appreciate the resources you have at the moment. Slowly, you will notice a gradual change hence more good things and people will come into your life. Try to focus on what you are succeeding at in life rather what you have failed at. Trust me it works all the time.

2. Note down the positives on paper or somewhere you can keep records.
Upon each successful financial accomplishment, remember to write it down somewhere. It could be in your diary, notebook, smartphone, Ipad… This serves as your reminder whenever you are going through some other bad days. Take one moment each and everyday to write down some financial positives that you are grateful for. You will be amazed by your achievements at the end of the year. Remember it is a transition so a simple reminder comes handy.

3. Check the balance on your bank account.Take a moment to be grateful of what you have…however little it may be. Someone else would kill to have an account balance like yours!

4. Be grateful to that colleague who buys you coffee every morning. Ever wonder how much you get to save at the end of the year? Small things do matter!

5. The fact that you opted to leave the credit card home and instead shop with cash or debit card. We all know that you need financial discipline to pull off an act like that. Be grateful that you manage your credit properly.

6. Checkbook analysis as well as internet banking analysis.
This helps you acknowledge the amount of money that has come in and out of your account during a certain period of time.

7. Appreciate that you’ve got your regular paycheck.

8. Your home loan payment.
Write this down as a positive accomplishment reason being that for every payment, you are a step closer to acquiring your fully paid for house in a few years. Think about it as future investment.

9. How about that spare change you gave to that needy homeless person by the roadside on your way to work. That way you make both you and the homeless grateful. You would have affected the homeless’ life positively and that is something for you to be grateful about.

Big things come in small packages. It is amazing how such small habits can positively affect your life. With all those financial achievements that you wrote down, you will look back and notice how much financial gratitude you would have accumulated over the months or years. Those are some of the ways to build your financial gratitude. Free and cheap remedies, go ahead and share these with family and friends. Talk about changing the world!


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    • Janet L

      I recently attended Peter Sage’s Ultimate Life and Business workshop in Singapore for 3 days and he said something similar. Much better to get information free of charge from the internet. Oh, he also tells us to record down our “Magic” moments every day.
      So every day whenever we have a bit of time to meditate, preferably in the early morning or late at time (depending on whether you’re a morning/evening person) just get into a habit of jotting something down. Heck, do it anytime you want.
      Thanks for sharing.

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