Let’s face it, each of us have dreams of becoming rich or wealthy one day. Achieving a few millions seem daunting enough and out of reach but try to imagine what it would be like to be a billionaire. Not everyone can aspire to be one as it takes a unique person to become one.

Do you have what it takes to be a billionaire?

Below is a set of questions developed by top psychologists Debra Condren, David Ballard and Joan Kane to assess your ability to reach that high.

1. “Can you tolerate and manage ambiguity?”
An aspiring billionaire can see through a maze of information or data and does not get confuse easily. He is able to see a successful venture when others run away from the idea.

2. “Can you deal with isolation?”
It can be a lonely place at the top. Of course there are lots of people who want to be your friend. An aspiring billionaire knows how to differentiate a true friend from the fake ones.

3. “Why go big at all?”
An aspiring billionaire has goals especially long term ones and has charted out a road map to reach them.

4. “Can you see around the corners?”
An aspiring billionaire can transform an existing industry and create a brand new one. For example, Bill Gates and Sam Walton who go beyond ordinary and achieve unbelievable heights in their respective lives.

5. “Do you prize independence?”
If you answer yes, that would have been your motivation to start your own business, striking out fearlessly. You are your own boss. Later on however, when your business empire has grown, you have to deal with a group of people like the board members and investors.

6. “Do you have the guts to double-down?”
Not everyone has a strong character and is tough enough to weather all the problems and tackle the hurdles of going out to build a great business. Even with massive risks, an aspiring billionaire has what it takes to tackle any obstacles and come out a winner at the end.

7. “Are you willing to make tough decisions for the growth of the company?”
Being the leader or the boss means making difficult decisions that protect your business or company. For example, replacing or firing staff or workers that do not contribute to your goal, even if the staff concern is your best friend or relative.

8. “Do you like speaking in public?”
Any business will gain from massive public exposure. This may come from having meetings with various groups of people like your staff, shareholders and customers, attending a public function or giving a television interview.

9. “Are you a consensus builder?”
An aspiring billionaire must have the talent to garner the consensus of the people around him to support him. It is not suppose to be a one-man-show only. Also, it is not suppose to be the kiss of death for the person who goes against or disagree with your idea.

10. “Can you delegate?”
An aspiring billionaire is smart enough to delegate parts of the work to others, while overseeing the whole business successfully.

11. “Are you inspired by creativity or more process-oriented?”
There is nothing wrong with being creative. However, an aspiring billionaire must know how to implement the ideas and work systematically to make them successful.

12. “If you say you need it on your desk by 9 am, will it get done?”
An aspiring billionaire has to be somewhat strict which is to be expected from a leader of a big company. He must have some level of respect from his employees even if it means sacrificing a bit of friendship or goodwill in the process.

13. “Can you work on Christmas?”
An aspiring billionaire is willing to make sacrifices to reach his goal even if it means missing out on important family occasions.

The person who fulfills all of the above is not contented in achieving a 7-9 figure net worth only. This person is shooting for the stars aiming for a 10 figure net worth and the billionaire status.

Reference source: www.forbes.com

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    7 replies to "Dream Big, Be a Billionaire"

    • lena

      with due respect, I find most of what Mr Yap Ming Hui said here is exactly like what T Harv Eker and many other already famous western gurus are saying including the legendary late Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy (another one off my mind is chelle who wrote “zillionaire: from zero to zillionaire”-something like that). I just wish there is more originality in our local author’s books. Every so-called “wealth gurus” that seem to spring lately among us sounds just like copycatting what’s already out there. They all seem to be taken right off from American bestsellers! Only that, the original American/western ones are better! Dont get me wrong, I support local products, but where is the originality?? Claiming something is yours when it isn’t is unfair to the real authors who came out with the ideas and philosophies/wealth concepts FIRST. And if you take just a bit of their idea, is OK… but this is like EVERY concept is taken from the original gurus. From the beginning till the end! At least give credit to those who you copy from.

    • Yap Ming Hui

      First of all, thanks for your interest in my book Roadmap to Financial Freedom. You are right. The book has been selling well. We have gone on 2 printing since our launch in Feb this year. The newly printed books should be at the book stores by next week. Hope you will get a copy by then. Thanks again.

    • Sayeed

      Hi Yap Ming Hui;
      I watched your NTV7 Breakfast show on delayed on internet though as 9am working…sob…but walked to Popular and your book was not there for sale…dissapointed…looking to get hold of RoadMap to Financial Success…

    • Yap Ming Hui

      It is of course nice to be a billionaire. However, before we aim to become a billionaire, we should always ask WHY we want to become a billionaire. What do we intend to achieve by becoming a billionaire? Is there really a true need for us to become a billionaire? If we ask ourselves hard enough, we will discover that what most (if not all) of us really need and want is financial freedom. The truth is we don’t need to be a billionaire to achieve financial freedom. In that case, I would suggest that we aim specifically to achieve our own financial freedom rather than aiming to be a billionaire. Even if you really want to be a billionaire, there is nothing wrong to achieve financial freedom first. After achieving your financial freedom, you can still continue your journey to become a billionaire.

      • KCLau

        For me, I don’t really need a billion. I think most people just want freedom, the freedom to choose what to do with their life. Becoming extremely rich may not give you the freedom.

    • Chels

      On another note, firstly, people need to have a STRONG DESIRE to be a billionaire, To be a billionaire. Just “wishing” to be a billionaire won’t get them there. (Everyone also “wish” to be a billionaire). To earn great fortunes does not come by luck or chance. An aspiring billionaire will work to it, and not just sit there and “wish” to be a billionaire.

      • KCLau

        I call it the burning desire.

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