Are you familiar with the story “The Tortoise and the Hare?” It is about a tortoise who dared a hare (rabbit) to a race after being mocked by the hare for moving too slow. In the race, the hare was way ahead of the tortoise by a very big margin and decided to take a nap before completing the race as he was overly confident he could finish the race easily and beat the tortoise. Later when the hare woke up from his nap, he discovered that the tortoise had reached the finishing line first.

The moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race.” Moving slowly towards the finishing line (your goal) does not mean never reaching the goal, it just takes a longer time to reach it. This is especially true if one continues to be patient and persistent, sooner or later the target is met.

You can make it!

If your method for accumulating wealth seems slow but you are moving in the right direction, then you should not worry too much. Your money may be moving at a “tortoise rate” but it is moving forward, right? Well, as long as it is moving forward, there is growth. You would not want to wish for a negative growth rate! Of course, most of us would not mind becoming rich overnight but in the real world, this rarely happens.

What’s the downside?

Well, the obvious downside to doing things ‘slow and steady’ is that you may only get to enjoy the fruits of your labor in old age. But hey, looking at the bright side, think of the comfortable life later on where discipline and patience finally pay off. At least you get to look forward to a nice retirement and not everybody gets to experience a comfortable retirement with no financial worries. No pain, no gain is the saying.

Even as a normal employee, a person can retire comfortably later in life. In his book “The Millionaire in Me”, Azizi Ali talks about how a person can become a millionaire while remaining as an employee working to earn a salary. His formula involves four steps namely making enough money, saving a portion of the money, investing the money intelligently and avoiding major financial blunders. Therefore, being an employee should not stop a person from achieving his financial goals.

You are preparing for the future and that involves a lot of sacrifices now. You belong to the group of people who maintain a long-term outlook for the future and what you reap later is what you sow now. Hence, continue what you are doing right even though it is at a ‘slow and steady’ pace.

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    • Sayeed

      Indeed, very true.
      I have been away from this site for a while now, recollecting a fast moving 2011 year. Partially was restrategizing some alignments of goals and attainments.
      Loads of patience is required in financial planning. Things may not go the way you want it always, but stay focussed.
      I was talking to a group of friends last week, 1 single factor I identified that control the speed of your growth in financial worlds is “Investing In Yourself” which many people are not open to do so. I’ll post my next article here for KC soon.

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