Last month, in a weekday morning approximately 8 am, … 

Drr … 

Drr … 

Ding Ding …

Dong Dong … 

Drr … 

Drr … 

Reluctantly and prematurely, I woke up, grumbled, washed up, and stepped out from my residence to ‘find out’ which neighbour of mine is renovating his house and the ‘extensiveness’ of his renovation works. 

Of which, I foresaw and expected the worst. 

My neighbour, whose house is merely one house apart from mine, is renovating his kitchen. It involves tearing down his existing kitchen, extending its size from its original layout, and finally, refurbishing it. 

To me, it means one thing: ‘Noise pollution is guaranteed for the rest of 2019.’ It is a problem to me because I work from home. I write, host, and present a series of webinars (mostly for from the comfort of my study room. 

Anticipating a prolonged season of ‘Noise Pollution’, I had contacted KCLau and explained the situation. 

His answer is brief and simple – ‘Whitespace International’


My First Visit to Whitespace Sdn Bhd 

It has two branches: Puchong and Bangsar

I visited its Bangsar branch at Menara BRDB, which is situated next to Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). It involves a relatively short 10 minute walk along Jalan Maarof from Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT station. Its locality map is displayed as follows:


Upon arrival, I was ushered into a conference room where I set myself up for my webinar presentation with The room is spacious as it is able to fit in 6-8 people, has a television set and a projector screen, a nice curtain, and a nice view overlooking Bangsar Shopping Centre. It is a conducive place to present or host a webinar session in peace without any interference.



Soon after the webinar session, I toured around its premises. 

It has the following facilities


1. Open Co-Working Spaces. 

2. Executive Private Rooms that fit in around 3-4 people per room. 

3. Conference Room. 

4. Lockers.

In addition of rental of working spaces, Whitespace International offers multiple administrative services to corporate clients that include:

1. Having a Prestigious Business Address with Dedicated Phone & Fax Number

2. Customised Receptionist and Voice Mails Services.

3. Handling of Documents, Dispatch, and Courier Services. 


My Reviews on Whitespace International 

My first impression of Whitespace International (Bangsar) is good. The premise is professional-looking, clean (almost spotless), and quiet. It is an ideal place for creative workers to brainstorm for new ideas, have meaningful discussions, and work on projects, which are more confidential in nature without disturbance. Its location is strategic for it is easily accessible to eateries such as cafes, bars, and restaurants as they are located closeby. 

With that being said, Whitespace International may not be appealing especially to those who are seeking for co-working spaces with a ‘play’ element as it does not have a snooker table, a PlayStation room, a gym, … etc and a large space for corporate events such as talks, seminars, and mini-workshops. 

Thus, I believe, Whitespace International can be considered as an ideal place for you if you are seeking the following: 

1. Privacy and Security. 

2. Professional or Corporate-Looking Co-Working Space. 

3. Premier Business Address (Bangsar). 


Packages Available 

KCLau, my partner, has rented a ‘virtual office’ to administer as he is currently based in the United States. Besides virtual office, there are three other packages available for you to explore and consider:


If you are interested, you may:

1. Try it out under its 1-Day Pass for RM 18 only. 

2. Register for a Free 1 Month Trial at Whitespace International. (mention your are referred from KCLau to get one-month free)

3. Email: 

4. Phone: +603 2297 3788


Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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