DividendVault.com is built out of passion for dividend investing. 

We believe its principles are simple, practical and could be replicated to anyone who desires to earn dividends for a lifetime. This includes, especially you. 

Today, as I write, there are tons of courses and materials on how you could best make money in the stock market. Some are legit. Some are just not. But with so many choices, the question is, ‘Why DividendVault.com?’. Is there anything that stands out in the sea of courses and workshops today? 

As such, from a co-founder’s perspective, I like to share my thoughts on them in writing so that you can get to know us and our aspirations for you better, which essentially is for you to earn and enjoy consistent streams of dividends over the long-term. So, with that, here are 10 main reasons we build DividendVault.com, our flagship dividend investing course, just for you. 

They are: 

Reason 1: This Will Help You Make More Dividends

This is easy. If you are a newbie or one who always loses money from trading or speculating the markets, DividendVault.com is designed to transform you into a savvy investor, who could build a stock portfolio that pays continuous growth in dividends year-after-year independently. It is most suitable for you if you have a desire to earn passive income from dividend-paying stocks over the long-term. 

Reason 2: How It Helps You To Save More Money. 

If you are educated as a value investor, you would easily avoid making mistakes, which arise from trading or speculating stocks which are either poor in business fundamentals or overvalued. These mistakes are unnecessary and they can cost you not only 4, 5 or 6-figures in capital losses, but also, opportunities that could have increased your dividend income. 

Reason 3: How This is going to Help You to Save Time.

DividendVault.com is a product created from years of investing experiences and studies of financial reports of 1,000+ stocks listed in Malaysia and Singapore. So here, what we do is to simplify the education process of investing, which allows you to pick up the mindset and skill set to build a dividend portfolio within 6-12 months. Once you acquired them, they could serve you for a lifetime. Heck. You could be earning dividends over the next 20, 30 or much longer years from the stock portfolio you build. 

Reason 4: With This, You No longer Have to Watch the Stock Market Every Minute!? 

As an investor, you don’t need to depend on stock tips or look at stock charts to trade or speculate stocks aimlessly in the stock market for short-term gains. You would start to see yourself as a businessman, who is interested in investing and
accumulating highly profitable businesses especially at discounted prices. Here, once you began to earn dividends again-and-again, you could choose to expand by adding more dividend stocks into your portfolio. This can result in you raking in more dividends over time in the future. 

Reason 5: With this, You Will No Longer Be Emotionally Disturb When the Stock Market Drop 10% Tomorrow!

For some, stock investing can be nerve-wrecking. This is because for them, they are not actually investing but are trading or speculating in the stock market. 

Let me explain. 

Most traders and speculators tend to be worried about the markets. This is why they try to predict the economy and the ups and downs of the stock markets. In doing so, they would buy stocks in good times as they believe that stocks would rise higher as they are on the rise. They would sell stocks in bad times when the market outlook is pessimistic. Instead of ‘Buy Low, Sell High’, many have bought high and sold low, causing tremendous heartache to them. 

But for investors, things are different. 

In a market crash, prices of fundamentally solid stocks would be undervalued. If you are a true investor, you would see this as opportunities to invest as you can accumulate these shares at discounts. You won’t be afraid of market crashes for you would possess the mindset and skill sets to invest and thrive in such market conditions. Instead of becoming poorer, market crashes can make you richer. As a result, you would become more confident as an investor. 

Reason 6: You Will  Feel More Comfortable with Investing.

Perhaps, you lack confidence in investing. Likely, this could be due to losses that you suffered in the past, or a lack of experiences, or a fear of market crashes, or even a combination of all the above. 

With DividendVault.com, you’ll learn and adopt the principles of value investing and be trained to invest in market crashes via our educational materials. Hence, you’ll focus on stocks that are financially solid as they could remain steady in an economic crisis. How will you feel if you know that the fundamental qualities of all your stocks are rock solid in an economic crisis? 

Also, how would you feel if they are still generating dividends to you? 

Reason 7: You Gain Not Just Money, but Health. Isn’t that the Most Valuable? 

Imagine yourself owning a portfolio of high-quality dividend-paying stocks. Your stocks bring you dividend income, either on a quarterly or a half-yearly basis, in good times or bad times, rain or shine, for as long as they are profitable. Here is a question: ‘Do you need to spend time actively trading the stock market?’. 

Of course not. 

Dividend income is a form of passive income. 

Each investment made into a dividend-paying stock is made to buy you time. As such, instead of hours a day on computer screens, you could use this time to go for workouts and thus, improve your physical and mental health. Here is a note: 

Instead of trading time for money, investing is about buying time with capital so that you can use your time for things that matter the most to you. 

Reason 8: Your Friends and Family Will Praise You for This 

Well, you can choose to invest your dividends into fostering better relationships with your friends and family members. You can buy gifts, have dinners, and also take vacations. You can create memories with your loved ones, where these are treasures that are beyond dollars and cents. Now, here is the best part. For you, you can do all of these regularly. This is because dividends are recurring passive income, which are earned for as long as your stocks remain income-productive. 

Reason 9: Your Friends and Family Will Love You Even MORE!

You bet. 

I’m sure that the more time you spend with your loved ones, the more love you may feel and receive. It may be hard for you, if you are always busy at work and are preoccupied with making money. 

Reason 10: You Will be Truly Financially Rich, not just Pretend to Be One

For a start, you are encouraged to make better investment decisions, which can effectively increase your wealth via accumulation of these profitable businesses at discounted prices. You could significantly reduce blunders that make you feel stupid. This alone can raise your confidence level as an investor. Hence, you can work your way towards being truly financially rich, rather than just looking rich. 


There you go, the 10 reasons why we built DividendVault.com for you. 

I believe it is best to first understand the educator’s mindset and skill sets when investing before signing up for a course. Thus, if you intend to earn growing and recurring dividends from your stock portfolio, you can check out the processes I use to build my own portfolio by our 1-Hour free training session as follows: 

Link: How to Build a Stock Portfolio That Pays Increasing Dividends?

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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