Below is a story shared by a reader through email. I admire his courage to admit his mistakes and now he is working hard for a COMEBACK! I believe that you will be able to pick up some advice here.

Thank you for give me an opportunity here to share about my failure.

Without going too much into history, I would start with my last 10 years. I was given an opportunity to venture into a business but subjected to the investor’s request to have two other partners in my business venture. We were given a shophouse to obtain an OD and utilise that as our initial capital and I would fully manage the whole operation, by the way is in the logistic business.

We obtain an OD of RM200,000.00 and as we are in the forwarding and logistic business and the only one to station an office in this small town where most of Malaysia export of this product is located and through this “investor” strong recommendation, I was able to almost get 75% of the total export from those companies. Here we are talking an average monthly sales of 1.2millions and our profit would be in the region of 10%. I realized never before I could get into such easy sales and profitable business.

As time goes along, my problem comes. My two other partners almost every 2-3 months to come to me for financial help and as I was just trying to be a nice man and the thoughts of them being a good friend of my “investor” I never hesitate to grant their request and each time running from RM5,000 to RM20,000.00. Through these two partners I was again trust into other business such just Karoake and Pubs which the later business, I thought putting them in charge would help me to release their frequent request for financial aid, hoping they would thus get paid from those businesses but it doesn’t last long and sure enough both business got into financial problem due to much debit from customers and bad management, we run into losses of almost 1 million and I ask both to close it off.

During this period, I came along with some underworld society and players in bettings from horseracing to football. I stupidly or should I say greed turns me to such activities and within 6 years I lost everything from my logistic business and my families’s trust especially my wife. I personally runs into debts of RM300,000.00 and the only thoughts I had was to just excuse myself/disappear from them. Today I am still in debts, can’t go back to be with my family because those loan sharks and friends will pressure me for the debts.

Until one day, as I was browsing google I read an article about you Mr. K.C. Lau’s invertiew with Mr. Koon Yew Yin, I click to your messages. Among one of the mails you, Mr. Lau send to me was the seminar “Tycoons with a Cause” which I attend and it really opens up and may i say now change my mindset to go into property line of which I recently join an Estate Agency to be a real estate negotiator and hoping to make a comeback or at least earns a decent income to sustain my family.

During the last 3 years of “runaway” here in KL I have a very good long time friend who without obligation finance my three meals and lodging until last year I went to stay with a brother of mine who also without obligation finance my everything, from food to roof above my head and also the monthly allowance for my daughter’s education in TAR college. My wife works as a cashier in a coffeeshop to sustain my two other kids and the livings.

The lesson I learn from this experience in life is

  • don’t be greedy
  • learn to manage your funds
  • love your family well because they are the ones who should not share the burden that we created
  • spend more time talking to those who talks business and financial management rather than wasting time gossiping and talking rubbish
  • earn and invest for future

I am now a bankrupt but I know I cannot just fell without standing up to live for the family I love so much and miss everyday.

Do Not Live With Regrets but Live with Pride and Happiness



    5 replies to "Reader’s Story: Do Not Live With Regrets but Live with Pride and Happiness"

    • Altisan

      Thanks for sharing your life path… I think everyone had they own destiny to reach.. and live happily with what they had… like you said (don’t be greedy)… this really means to everyone….life is journey that you decide the path and the way you take it happier….. I pray to you… to overcomes and correct back to your journey of life with happiness with your family…..

      “Learning is Life Long Process”

    • Yee Kean

      Thank you for sharing the experience. This is what we really needs instead of those “good time story”.
      Again, thanks for the story.

    • Steve

      Yours is not an uncommon story as there are many others that have fallen down the path. Hope you bounce back soon and I pray for you and your family that you will all be well.

      • andy

        God bless u all the way!Stay alive and over come it.

    • doralin

      thank you for sharing your story. it must be hard to actually to walk back from the things you face. i know in life we will face a lot of things, problems and tempatations that actually could lead to a lot of problems. and to actually walk back on is not easy. thinking all the past mistake and the things that i could do to prevent it. but anyway, good luck to u. great advices too.

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