This is common among busy professionals, entrepreneurs, go-getters, achievers and even … homemakers. If you are one of them, you may ask: 

“Is it possible to skip the process of learning and just start investing?”
“After all, I have the money but not the time to learn & read financial reports.”

The answer to that is: 

Sure, you can. You may open a stock brokerage account and start buying stocks. Or, if you are not confident, you may invest via unit trust, ETFs, and index funds. These are what most people do. 

But, those are not what we do. 

This is because, as busy as we are, we understand that when it comes to money and investments, we need to be educated. The better our education, the better our investments made, which in turn, leads to better returns (at lower risks), be it cash flow and capital gains over the long-term. 

Such returns are important as they buy time: Time for family, friends, workouts, hobbies, travel, social work, charity, and anything that is meaningful to us. 

To us, investing isn’t all about “making money”. 

It is more about “buying time”. 

Today, I’m sure that some of us are good at making money. We’re professionally trained as employees and employers to create value for our marketplace. We’re willing to spend time, effort and money to obtain degrees, credentials and skills to enhance our abilities to make “even more money”. Those are great & helpful to us. But really, how much “quality time” can we buy with our money earned? 

Hence, both KC Lau and I learn about investing as we acknowledge this. 

So, what’s our solution?

Well, it is just a minor tweak. All it takes is a little more emphasis in building our assets that build wealth with our active income. This involves you acquiring the right mindset and skill sets which allow you to build systems that could: 

  • Pick fundamentally solid companies (avoid bad ones). 
  • Find undervalued deals from a pool of fundamentally solid companies. 
  • Manage your portfolio in all economic conditions. 

We have spent years learning and accumulating investing experiences. This was and still is our journey to building 6-to-7 figure portfolios ourselves. We believe such knowledge, skills and expertise would be able to serve us for the next 30, 40 or even 50 years of our investment lives.

Let’s say, it takes 1 year to learn about the necessary skills to invest. I guess all of us would have two choices to make:

1. We can choose to “save” the 1 year in learning and “spend” 30, 40 and 50 years of our lives always finding the next stock tips and buy-sell recommendations or just sit in the sidelines of the market.

2. We can choose to “spend” the 1 year in learning and “spend” 30, 40 and 50 years of our lives investing independently and confidently in all market conditions.

For those who are interested in Option 2, you may check out our latest courses:

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Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Financial Content Machine. Dividend Investor. Produced 500+ Financial Articles featured in in Malaysia and the Fifth Person, Value Invest Asia, and Small Cap Asia in Singapore. Regular Host and Presenter of a Weekly Financial Webinar with Co-Founded, an online membership site that empowers retail investors to build a stock portfolio that pays rising dividends year after year in Malaysia and Singapore.

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