Kota Kemuning is a matured township located south of the city of Shah Alam. It is one of the few places to acquire freehold properties within the jurisdiction of MBSA. The township is easily accessible to Shah Alam via the LKSA highway and Subang Jaya, Sunway and Puchong via the KESAS highway. 

In this article, I’ll discuss three high-rise properties in Kota Kemuning which are prices under RM 300,000. They are as follows: 


Property #1: Sri Kemuning 

It consists of eight 5-storey walk-up apartments that are closely located to rows of shop lots, offering convenience in terms of eateries and SK Kota Kemuning, a public primary school. It is situated about 1 km away from Kota Kemuning town and is one of the first few high-rises to be developed in the township. 


Each unit has three rooms and has a built-up size of 753 sq. ft. Units situated at the Ground Floor and First Floor command a premium, where transacted prices range between RM 250,000 – RM 290,000 for the last 12 months. The mid-floor units were transacted at around RM 230,000 while the top floor units had been transacted at RM 180,000 – RM 220,000. Thus, the median prices on per square foot (psf) basis for Sri Kemuning are as follows: 


Actual Transaction for the Last 12 Months: 


No. of Transactions

Median Price

Median Price psf

Level 1


RM 273,333

RM 363

Level 2 & 3


RM 247,500

RM 329

Level 4 & 5


RM 192,625

RM 256

Calculated from Data Obtained from Brickz.my  


Property #2: Kemuning Aman 


Developed by Paramount Property, Kemuning Aman comprises of two blocks of 18-storey apartment buildings. The apartment is located the furthest from Kota Kemuning as it requires a 10-minute drive to the township. Each units has three rooms and has a built-up size of 732 sq. ft. Owners that purchased units at level G to 9th floor were given 1 car park space. They had been transacted at around RM 230,000 – RM 280,000. Meanwhile, owners that purchased units situated at level 10 and above were given two car park spaces and have been transacted at  RM 250,000 – RM 290,000. Their median price psf are as follows: 


Actual Transaction for the Last 12 Months (Inclusive of Bumi-Lots): 


No. of Transactions

Median Price

Median Price psf

Level G – 9


RM 246,444


Level 10 – 18


RM 262,600


Calculated from Data Obtained from Brickz.my  


Property #3: Pangsapuri Randa 

Developed by HICOM-Gamuda, it consists of 17 blocks of 5-storey walk-up type of apartment buildings located 200 meters away from SJK(C) Chung Hwa, which is the only public primary Chinese school in Kota Kemuning. Driving northwards for 3-5 minutes, its residents would access to Columbia Asia Hospital, AEON Big Bukit Rimau, and the Chinese Taipei School, an international school. 


Each unit has three rooms and it mostly has a built-up size of 797 sq. ft. Ground floor and first floor units command a premium. Their transacted prices range at around RM 280,000 – RM 300,000 over the past 12 months. The mid-floor units had transacted around RM 220,000 – RM 250,000 while the top floor units have transacted at RM 190,000 twelve months ago. 


Actual Transaction for the Last 12 Months: 


No. of Transactions

Median Price

Median Price psf

Level G – 1


RM 290,000

RM 364

Level 2 & 3


RM 236,857

RM 297

Level 4 


RM 190,000

RM 238

Calculated from Data Obtained from Brickz.my  


Local Rental Demand 

The advertised rental price is more or less comparable with Sri Kemuning which is asking the lowest at RM 700 – RM 800 a month whereas Kemuning Aman and Pangsapuri Randa are asking for RM 900 – RM 1,100 a month. The rent could be impacted by the following: 


  1. Sri Kemuning

It is not the furthest from the Kota Kemuning township. But aesthetically, in my opinion, it is less appealing compared to the other two properties. This explains perhaps why its rental price asked is a bit lower than its rival properties. 


  1. Kemuning Aman

It may be the furthest from the Kota Kemuning township but it is the newest as compared to Sri Kemuning and Pangsapuri Randa for it was completed in 2014, just five years ago. Besides, the buildings have lifts unlike the two properties for they are walk-up apartments. 


  1. Pangsapuri Randa 

It is fairly well-maintained and located closest to amenities such as a hospital, a hypermarket, a primary Chinese school, and an international school. Despite its age, the location is of greater strategic as compared to the two properties. 


New Competition: GEO Bukit Rimau 

GEO is the latest serviced residence development which is located right next to AEON Big. Thus, in terms of location, it rivals Pangsapuri Randa. GEO comprises of three towers of 30-storey buildings where it offers a choice of three different built-up sizes: 655 sq. ft, 875 sq. ft., and 1,035 sq. ft. This project is expected to be completed by Q4 2019 or 2020. Their prices are as follows:


Built-Up Size

Selling Price from

Price psf from


655 sq. ft. 

RM 400,000

RM 611


875 sq. ft. 

RM 520,000

RM 594


1,035 sq. ft.

RM 650,000

RM 628


The prices in psf are significantly higher than the three apartments. But, I think, it is not a fair comparison as GEO is a serviced residence that is equipped with a wide range of new and nicer facilities. As such, owners who purchased serviced residence units at GEO may want to attract different kinds of tenants, ones who can afford to pay above RM 1,500 a month in rent to enjoy some luxury in life. 


KCLau Insider’s Verdict

Prices of the three properties discussed are similar at RM 360 psf for each units preferable: low floors for the two walk-up apartments stated and the top floors for Kemuning Aman. Thus, Pangsapuri Randa has a slight edge in location while Kemuning Aman may be considered if one wishes to stay in a new building with lift facilities in the vicinity of Kota Kemuning. 



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