On the surface if you look at the record, surely there are more corrupt leaders in so-called 2nd or 3rd world countries. Leaders in jail etc… Chen Sui Bian in prison, Thaksin exiled, Yingluck banned from politics… etc.

Do you see any in the West? No! So they are clean??? It only means no matter what parties they are from, Labour or Tory, Democrats or Republicans, Liberal or Labour, they all had the same bosses/king makers behind.

And the people had no clue what the hell is going on and they think their world is first world, clean world, a truly democratic and fair world.

Anything outside their ‘first world’ is uncivilized, corrupt, feudalistic and backward. The true definition of democracy, especially western democracy is not power to the people. Rather it is “the illusion of power to the people”.

Can’t blame them, the education system is rigged. Real history is obliterated. Mainstream media is nothing but the elite’s propaganda machine. The thing with mainstream media is if you don’t read it, you are un-informed. But if you only consume mainstream media, you will be mis-informed!

Welcome to the real world which most of us know nothing about. When we do not know we are being enslaved, there is no way we can become free!

This article was written by Ken Soong (co-author of Migrating to Australia Good Meh???, Buying a Residential Property in Australia: Eight Things You Should Know Before Doing It and Making It in Australia).

    2 replies to "Who Is More Corrupt?"

    • Ken

      True, John. The will to get out of slavery is missing. Too much distraction nowadays.

    • John

      Well said, all those are just a propaganda for their politic campaign. However, I’m sure most people nowadays know themselves were being enslaved, however, they are reluctant and powerless to go against it. Most importantly, we are all enslaved by the money. Economy pressure has led to the fear of people to rebel. All we care about the most is to have a shelter above our head and food on the table. Hence, the cycle continues and keep on pushing us.

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