What you do is not as important as how you do what you do.

“WHAT” matters but not that much especially over time. “What” can set you apart in the beginning, gives you a head start. Over time, it’s the “HOW” that matters.

  • So what if you are not good in school? It’s how you deal with life’s challenges that counts more.
  • So what if you fail? It’s how you see your failure and how you respond to it.
  • So what if you make lots of money? It’s how you save or spend or give it away.
  • So what if you are the head of the country? It’s how you head the country.
  • So what if the kings and queens like you? It’s how you treat the people below you.
  • So what if the govt you live under is incompetent? It’s how competent you are in providing for your family.
  • So what if you go to Oxbridge or Nobridge? It’s how you make the best out of the education you receive.
  • So what if you get to know a lot of elites in Oxbridge? It’s how much people trust you.
  • So what if nobody respect you? It’s how you respect yourself and how you resolve to change for the better.
  • So what if you are dying? We all are anyway – by the day. It’s how you approach death. (I realize it’s easier said than done. But still it’s no excuse that it is not to be done)
  • So what if you are free from others’ restrictions? It’s how you free yourself from your own compulsion.

Now that’s real freedom. It comes more from HOW than WHAT.
So does happiness, success, love…

This article is contributed by Ken Soong, who currently lives in Australia – migrated from Malaysia in 2004. He has been a college lecturer and an occasional university tutor in strategic management and marketing subjects since 2006. He enjoys reading, writing blog posts and spending time at home.

Ken, along with his brother Michael, wrote Migrating to Australia: Good Meh??? to help Malaysians make a more informed decision in the subject matter of migration to Australia.

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