Time and Money under our control = True happiness and real success.

What about people like Karpal Singh?

I think he too had time and money under his control. He still worked but no longer for the money. But one might say he did not have time. If one is using his time to do what he deeply believe in and passionate about, that is the best way a person can make use of his time.

And if in the process of doing what he loves to do, he also had his children doing that together with him, and his wife as well, taking care of his three legal offices –doing something he loved, with people he loved, with all the time he had… What more can a man ask for?

While mourning the great loss of this great human being, remember also to celebrate his eventful and voluminous life.

Time and money that we can control – Let that be aim of those of us who are still in the rat race.

Written by Ken Soong co-author of Migrating to Australia Good Meh??? now selling in all major book stores across Malaysia and Singapore and Making It in Australia: Success Stories from Different Walks of Life – to be published in late 2014.

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