How? By surrounding yourself constantly with those people that is very passionate about what they are doing. It could be people from the field similar to yours, or any other field. You can start with the environment you are familiar with, for example passionate people in the same work place.

Instead of mixing around with just your team members, or anyone that you could ‘click’ with, try observe and look out for those individuals that always seems to enjoy their work. It isn’t hard to spot one, as these are people that usually stands out, always very charged up, full of enthusiasm and usually a content expert in whatever they are doing. Go make friends with them!

From working level to top management, these are the people that has the highest positive energy and by surrounding yourself with them, you will always be inspired, and most importantly, constantly collecting and building up your positive energy reserve. Avoid staying too close or too often with those that are negative, always seems to have a lot of complain, lacks motivation and dragging themselves in and out of work every day.

When I started working as a fresh graduate, I used to always hang out with a group of colleagues that has endless complains about almost everything at work, from management to infrastructure to individuals, and yes I have to admit that it gave me that ‘cool feeling’ every time after venting out, and a temporary relief from the issues I was facing.

But it was really not productive in any way to help drive to any effective resolution for the issues we were facing. The problem would still be there, and chances are, you will build up all the negative energy in you being too close with them or too often with them, and very soon you will lose all the inspiration and motivation to excel.  Worse still, blind yourself from seeing all the great opportunities that is out there for you to grab!

Surround yourself with people full of enthusiasm at your workplace would be the most direct way for you to stay upbeat always as you spend most of your time in that environment. Being close to them also meant increased opportunities of learning from them directly,  through passive observation as well as proactive assertion, knowledge and culture inclusive, since you are from the same work environment with them and most likely all the learning from them are directly applicable and would help you significantly.

When you have some extra time or opportunity, and are ready to add some creativity to whatever you are doing, or some out-of-the-box thinking, go look out for those passionate people outside of your own field. Talk to a neighbourhood café barista who is always full of enthusiasm and enjoying what he/she is doing, the owner of your favourite restaurant, a passionate chef or a great teacher that your kids always has a lot of good thing to talk about!

You would find a lot of unexpected surprises,  out-of-the-box ideas, ways of doing things that you have never thought about, tools or skills that you didn’t even know it exists, or simply get that motivation that you needed! All these are boosters to your positive energy tank, making you stay inspired always and excel in whatever you are doing!

This is a guest post by Sumi Sam. She has spent years managing brilliant people in a well-known MNC and is currently leading a local SME that provides software solution. Please post your feedback in the comment or ask questions regarding how to thrive in a corporate environment.


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    • David

      Awesome advice. Next step: be the one that others should gravitate to for positive energy:-) You remind me of many glorious days working with you, and inspire me to be a positive force today. Please continue to write, Sumi. Your words are music to my ears. I hope that others hear the tune as well!

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    • Sumi

      Hello Deanie, I think it depends on which angle you are looking at. For example senior folks would be facing different issues comparing with the fresh graduates; Asian would be facing some level of different issue comparing the others; and depending on where the company is founded/HQ culture is, there may be different issues. If I would really have to pick on one that is more universal or generic, I would say it would be the bureaucratic system in decision making. There is often many layers of reviews for almost everything you want to do before an approval is granted..

    • Deanie

      What is the No. 1 issue employees face in a typical corporate environment?

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