Employers are often faced with this problem…

Young employees are often full of energy as have plenty of time at their disposal – being single and all that. Yet, these youngsters might not be committed enough to their jobs. Too must distraction and not enough sense of purpose in life.

On the other hand, more matured employees tend to be more settled. They tend to stay longer with their employers than their younger counterparts. They are usually more committed to their jobs although they might not be able to work as much as they’d have hoped to because they have a family to spend time with. They have less energy, less time but a much stronger sense of purpose – to make ends meet and to accumulate enough wealth to weather the storms throughout their kids’ growing years.

Although time is very precious and very important and can do wonders if utilized appropriately, it can be reduced to nothing if the person possessing it does not have a sense of purpose. When you have no set direction to sail towards, it really does not matter which direction you are heading, right?

But when one has a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose, he will make the best use of whatever time he has. So, I guess it is really pointless to complain too much that we do not have enough time. No amount of time is enough if one has no purpose in life. Do you agree?

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