I had this simple ‘insight’ some time ago – about two years back.

Sharing The Good Stuff

“Nobody can succeed alone. You need a team. But you alone must build that team! How? By connecting with those you want to be a part of your team. How? By sharing really good stuff. Stuff which are even much more better than money.

With money the more you share, the less you end up having. But with ideas, the more you share, the more you get in return. And you still get to keep your original idea.

Everyone is the leader of their own team. Your team members are also leaders of their own respective teams. If you want your team to be loyal, you must be a loyal member in their respective teams.

As long as you have a life, you lead your team unless, of course, you are a slave. You are your team leader, with your wife and your children being your very important team members. Other members in your team are your bosses, your friends, or even your prime minister.

Your wife is the leader of her own team in which you are her team member. So it goes for each of your children, your friends, your boss etc.”

Your Important Team Members

This morning, I realized that there are two other members and they are two of the most important members in your team. They are a little different from the rest of your team in that they are not individual beings like other members.

But they should be your left and right lieutenants – your mind and your body. How to make them really useful members? By paying them more attention, love, care, appreciation and time. Connect with them in such a way that they will serve you, not dominate you.
Your mind can think.

It has lots of thoughts going on at any one time. If unrestrained or if overworked, they will think too much and become stressful. Then, they will undergo emotional highs and lows so much that you will not be able to carry out what you have planned to do as effectively and efficiently as you wish.

Your body too. Treat it with respect. Give it enough rest so that it will serve you well. Nothing can be done if the body is not fit. If the body is weak, the mind will also be hampered – no matter how much IQ it has.

No-No To Addiction

Free your body from all forms of addiction – caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, salt and drugs (whether it’s legal like sleeping pills or illegal, of course, like cocaine or whatever).

When you take better care of your mind and body, you will have more control over them and not the other way around. Then you will be able to connect better with other individuals and build a better team around you.

Yoga or other forms of practice have been proven by many to be effective in cultivating the body and mind. They are tools with which we can use to understand our body and mind better. Want to be in control?

Start with your body and mind – because they are really the only thing we can have maximum control over. And yet we often neglect them and foolishly try to control everything else, like how I want this person to behave, or what price I want this company’s shares to increase to… tiring ourselves out and wasting our precious life energy along the way trying to control things that are out if our control.

Law Of Nature – Respect It

The law of nature is such that everything has its own due process. And if we go against it, we will definitely pay for it in one way or another. For anything to work at all, nature’s laws must be observed. That’s how humans were able to build planes, submarines or whatever.

We can only go as far as our body and mind can take us. Yet, we have not really tapped into our own bodily and mental potential and at the same time, giving in to our insatiable desire and ambitions to one-up each other in the perpetual rat race to the bottom, like a dog chasing its own tail incessantly unto death and in the end leaving this world miserably unfulfilled.

It’s time each of us talk and listen to our body and mind. Connect with then more intimately than ever before.

This article is contributed by Ken Soong, who currently lives in Australia – migrated from Malaysia in 2004. He has been a college lecturer and an occasional university tutor in strategic management and marketing subjects since 2006. He enjoys reading, writing blog posts and spending time at home.

Ken, along with his brother Michael, wrote Migrating to Australia: Good Meh??? to help Malaysians make a more informed decision in the subject matter of migration to Australia.

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